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Waterproof SSKIGIKAANSI-type Petal collet – IMS

$1.400,81$2.501,45 Net of VAT
AAP54petal collet SSKIGIKA40ANSI854561.645°30°4SK 40
AAP55petal collet SSKIGIKA45ANSI100507045°30°6SK 45
AAP56petal collet SSKIGIKA50ANSI1145077.545°30°7SK 50
AAP57petal collet SSKIGIKA60ANSI145509345°30°10SK 60

Waterproof SSKIKAANSI-type petal collet – IMS

$1.400,81$3.001,74 Net of VAT
AAP50petal collet SSKIKA40ANSI8561.645°30°4.5SK 40
AAP51petal collet SSKIKA45ANSI1007045°30°4.5SK 45
AAP52petal collet SSKIKA50ANSI11477.545°30°5SK 50
AAP53petal collet SSKIKA60ANSI1459345°30°6.5SK 60

Waterproof SSKIGIKADIN-type petal collet – IMS

$1.200,70$2.201,28 Net of VAT
AAP24petal collet SSKIGIKA40DIN85455215°30°4SK 40
AAP25petal collet SSKIGIKA45DIN100506015°30°7SK 45
AAP26petal collet SSKIGIKA50DIN114506815°30°8SK 50
AAP27petal collet SSKIGIKA60DIN1455090.515°30°10.5SK 60

Waterproof SSKIKADIN-type petal collet – IMS

$1.200,70$2.201,28 Net of VAT
AAP20petal collet SSKIKA40DIN855215°30°4.5SK 40
AAP21petal collet SSKIKA45DIN1006015°30°4.5SK 45
AAP22petal collet SSKIKA50DIN1146815°30°5SK 50
AAP23petal collet SSKIKA60DIN14590.515°30°6.5SK 60

SSKIGKABPT1-type petal collet – IMS

$560,32$1.801,04 Net of VAT
AAP76Petal collet SSKIGKA40BPT1721131.545°30°3.5BT 40
AAP77Petal collet SSKIGKA45BPT1821136.545°30°3.5BT 45
AAP78Petal collet SSKIGKA50BPT192.5154145°30°4BT 50
AAP79Petal collet SSKIGKA60BPT1127.51555.545°30°4.5BT 60

Petal collet – Type SSKIGABPT1 – IMS

$560,32$1.801,04 Net of VAT
AAP72Petal collet SSKIGA40BPT172113045°30°5BT 40
AAP73Petal collet SSKIGA45BPT182113345°30°7BT 45
AAP74Petal collet SSKIGA50BPT192,5153745°30°8BT 50
AAP75Petal collet SSKIGA60BPT1127,51549,545°30°10,5BT 60

SSKKABPT1 type petal collet – IMS

$600,35$1.100,64 Net of VAT
AAP67Petal collet SSKKA30BPT148.52021.545°30°2.5BT 30
AAP68Petal collet SSKKA40BPT1722631.545°30°3.5BT 40
AAP69Petal collet SSKKA45BPT1823236.545°30°3.5BT 45
AAP70Petal collet SSKKA50BPT192.5354145°30°4BT 50
AAP71Petal collet SSKKA60BPT1127.54055.545°30°4.5BT 60

SSKABPT1-type petal collet – IMS

$400,23$900,52 Net of VAT
AAP62Petal collet SSKA30BPT148.52020.545°30°3.5BT 30
AAP63Petal collet SSKA40BPT172263045°30°5BT 40
AAP64Petal collet SSKA45BPT182323345°30°7BT 45
AAP65Petal collet SSKA50BPT192.5353745°30°8BT 50
AAP66Petal collet SSKA60BPT1127.51549.545°30°10.5BT 60

SSKIGKAPBANSI-type petal collet – IMS

$1.200,70$2.301,33 Net of VAT
AAP58Petal collet SSKIGKAPB40ANSI821150.545°30°4.5SK 40
AAP59Petal collet SSKIGKAPB45ANSI891155,545°30°4,5SK 45
AAP60Petal collet SSKIGKAPB50ANSI90156145°30°5SK 50
AAP61Petal collet SSKIGKAPB60ANSI1301582.445°30°6.5SK 60

Petal collet – Type SSKIGKAANSI – IMS

$560,32$2.001,16 Net of VAT
AAP46Petal collet SSKIGKA40ANSI761145,445°30°4,5SK 40
AAP47Petal collet SSKIGKA45ANSI84115045°30°4,5SK 45
AAP48Petal collet SSKIGKA50ANSI95115845°30°5SK 50
AAP49Petal collet SSKIGKA60ANSI1151565,445°30°6,5SK 60

Petal collet – Type SSKIGAANSI – IMS

$560,32$2.001,16 Net of VAT
AAP42Petal collet SSKIGA40ANSI761144,745°30°4,2SK 40
AAP43Petal collet SSKIGA45ANSI84114845°30°6SK 45
AAP44Petal collet SSKIGA50ANSI951154,545°30°7SK 50
AAP45Petal collet SSKIGA60ANSI115156245°30°10SK 60

Petal collet – Type SSKKAANSI – IMS

$530,30$1.450,84 Net of VAT
AAP37Petal collet SSKKA30ANSI5020-45°30°4,5SK 30
AAP38Petal collet SSKKA40ANSI762245,545°30°7SK 40
AAP39Petal collet SSKKA45ANSI843050,545°30°7SK 45
AAP40Petal collet SSKKA50ANSI95305845°30°8SK 50
AAP41Petal collet SSKKA60ANSI1153565,445°30°15SK 60

Petal collet – Type SSKIGKAPBDIN – IMS

$1.000,58$2.201,28 Net of VAT
AAP28Petal collet SSKIGKAPB40DIN821140,515°30°4,5SK 40
AAP29Petal collet SSKIGKAPB45DIN891146,515°30°4,5SK 45
AAP30Petal collet SSKIGKAPB50DIN901552,515°30°5SK 50
AAP31Petal collet SSKIGKAPB60DIN1301578,515°30°6,5SK 60

Petal collet – Type SSKIGADIN – IMS

$360,21$1.500,87 Net of VAT
AAP12Petal collet SSKIGA40DIN76113415°30°5SK 40
AAP13Petal collet SSKIGA45DIN84113815°30°7SK 45
AAP14Petal collet SSKIGA50DIN95114515°30°8SK 50
AAP15Petal collet SSKIGA60DIN1151559,515°30°10,5SK 60

Petal collet – Type SSKIGAKABPT1 – IMS

$0,00 Net of VAT

Petal collet – Type SSKIGIKADIN – IMS

$1.600,93$2.201,28 Net of VAT

SSKIGKADIN-type Petal collet – IMS

$240,14$1.500,87 Net of VAT
AAP16Petal collet SSKIGKA40DIN761135.515°30°4.5SK 40
AAP17Petal collet SSKIGKA45DIN841141.515°30°4.5Sk 45
AAP18Petal collet SSKIGKA50DIN951149.515°30°5SK 50
AAP19Petal collet SSKIGKA60DIN1151563.515°30°6.5SK 60

SSKKADIN-type petal collet – IMS

$240,14$1.480,86 Net of VAT
AAP07Petal collet SSKKA30DIN502020.515°30°2.5SK 30
AAP08Petal collet SSKKA40DIN762235.515°30°3.5SK 40
AAP09Petal collet SSKKA45DIN843041.515°30°3.5SK 45
AAP10Petal collet SSKKA50DIN953049.515°30°3.5SK 50
AAP11Petal collet SSKKA60DIN1153563.515°30°6.5SK 60

SSKADIN-type petal collet – IMS

$290,02$1.430,82 Net of VAT
AAP02Petal collet SSKA30DIN502019.515°30°2.5SK 30
AAP03Petal collet SSKA40DIN76223415°30°3.5SK 40
AAP04Petal collet SSKA45DIN84303815°30°3.5SK 45
AAP05Petal collet SSKA50DIN95304515°30°3.5SK 50
AAP06Petal collet SSKA60DIN1153559.515°30°6.5SK 60

Petal collet – Type SSKAANSI – IMS

$520,30$1.400,81 Net of VAT
AAP32Petal collet SSKA30ANSI50203345°30°2,5SK 30
AAP33Petal collet SSKA40ANSI762244,845°30°4,2SK 40
AAP34Petal collet SSKA45ANSI84304845°30°6SK 45
AAP35Petal collet SSKA50ANSI953054,545°30°7SK 50
AAP36Petal collet SSKA60ANSI115356245°30°10SK 60

Petal collets – spindle grippers

A petal collet (also called a gripper) is the component within the spindle that allows the tool holder to be securely connected to or ejected from a spindle via an automatic locking system (quick release or automatic tool change).
In this category, we list the grippers available for the leading spindle manufacturers in the marble, glass, and woodworking industries such as VEM, Saccardo, Eltra, and others.
We also list the petal collets compatible with the most common tool-holder’ standards such as DIN, ISO, ANSI, ISO, MAS, or HSK.
Note: If you don’t know the product code of your petal collet, please send us a photo of your spindle and of the worn petal collet. We will determine the appropriate product for your machine.

Petal collets are very easy to install