Blades for Granite cutting

Granite Blades

Diamond Blades for Granite cutting on bridge saws and for wet application.
Available in different diameters from 300 mm (12-inch) up to 625 mm (24-inch). Standard arbor diameter is 60mm with a 50 mm adapter included but different arbors are possible upon request.
Where to use:
All the granite blades in this category are engineered to cut hard stone like granite, quartz, lava-stone, basalt and engineered stone and to be used on bridge saws, rail saws and on all equipments for thick slabs, tiles and bricks cutting. Typical applications where stone-workers use these granite blades are countertops fabrication and pavers production.
You can buy Diamant Boart and Marmo Elettromeccanica granite blades.  Two of the most popular blades manufacturers thanks to their performances and the large use on all cutting machines.
For assistance to select the right granite blade for your application don’t hesitate to contact us: