Protective for marble, granite and stone

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    Monocera Zero Solvents
    316,80  189,60  exc. VAT

    Monocera Zero Solvents (12pcs.)

    One box contains 12 bottles of 1 liter each. Monocera Zero Solvents is a liquid formulation exclusively based on micro-emulsions of waxes, water based, totally solvent free for the respect of the environment. Several kind of waxes, mainly natural, grants to the product a great versatility of us...
    Brand: General Chemical | Model: Zero Solvents | Material: Granite, Marble, Natural stone, Porcelain, Terrazzo | Type: Water-based
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    Oil and Water Repellent - Imperston Natura
    26,00  15,60  exc. VAT

    Oil and Water Repellent - Imperston Natura

    1 Liter bottles of .   Imperston Natura is water based version of IMPERSTON which retains the most important properties of the regular formula. Naturally this water-based formula is best suited for surfaces with medium to high porosity. With its very high degree of protection from infiltratio...
    Brand: General Chemical | Model: Imperston Natura | Material: Granite, Marble, Porous materials | Type: Water-based
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    Universal Spray
    132,00  79,20  exc. VAT

    Universal Spray (12 pcs.)

    The Universal Spray has the functions of : clear, revives and polishes. Anti-static effec. It is the ideal product for a fast and efficacious action to clean, revive and enhance the shine of all surface. Thanks to the presence of appropriate solvents UNIVERSAL is also able to penetrate, operate...
    Brand: General Chemical | Model: Universal Spray
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    Water Repellent - Protection Rain Stop Natura
    255,60  153,60  exc. VAT

    Water Repellent - Protection Rain Stop Natura (12 pcs.)

    Brand: General Chemical | Material: Cement, Granite, Marble, Natural stone, Terracotta | Type: Water-based
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