Petal Collets

Petal collets – grippers for electrospindles

The petal collet (also called gripper) is the element inside the electrospindle which allows the cone to be hooked and ejected from an electro-spindle with the automatic locking system (quick release or with automatic tool change).
In this category, you will find the grippers for the main spindle manufacturers in the marble, glass, and wood industries such as VEM, Saccardo, Eltra, and others.
You find therefore petal collets for the main tool-holders’ standards DIN, ISO, ANSI, ISO, MAS, HSK.
Note: If you do not have the code to select the correct petal collet, send us a photo of the plate in the electrospindle and of the worn petal collet. We will identify the right product for your machine.

Petal collets are extremely easy to install