Bas or high-relief CNC Tools

Engraving Router Bits

Stone Engraving Router bits for both the roughing and the finishing in stone. They are also called milling and Sculpting bits.
Applications: cnc router bits used by stone carvers, engravers and sculptors for producing stone reliefs, tombstones, sculptures, high-relief in Gravestones, memorial headstones.
You find a wide range of router bits in widia and electroplated for marble, limestone and soft stone, or in polycrystalline and sintered to work granite and hard stones.

Within each product description you find also the working parameters. You find standard parameters related to the use of the tool.
Parameters can be changed by following this rule: “less is the cutting depth and higher is the cutting speed of the tool “.

  • with a cutting depth of 4 – 5 mm the cutting speed is 100 mm / min
  • with a cutting depth of 1 mm the cutting speed is 500 mm / min

please note that if you increase the cutting speed you must also increase the bit rotation speed.

About the down feeding speed into the material we recommend a speed not exceeding 100 – 120mm / min with a ramp entry that has an angle of 10 – 20 ° with respect to the surface of the material.
It is recommended to always use plenty of water for the tip cooling.
Almost all our router bits are also available in holed model for internal water passage so as to permit an even more effective cooling.

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    Engraving router bit 3×30 mm – Marble - Bettoni
    50,00  47,50  exc. VAT

    Engraving router bit 3×30 mm – Marble - Bettoni

    Brand: Bettoni | Material: Marble | Tip: 3x30 mm | Radius: 1.5 mm | Cutting edge: 20° | Useful height: 30 mm | Fitting: 1/2 Gas | Type: