Resinoid Abrasives

Resin Bonded Diamond Polishers are the top of professional abrasive tools suitable for mounting on Edge Polishers or Polishing machines. They are indicated for the processing of marble, granite and engineered stone.
In terms of quality of the polishing and durability of the grinding wheel, the resinoid is considerably higher than the traditional magnesite bonded abrasives. Among other benefits, you also have a healthier working environment.

On our site you can find Resinoid Abrasives of two manufacturers:

  • Chimica General with Ecodiamant (for edge polishers and surface polishing machines)
  • Nicolai Diamant with ProGlo (only for edge polishers)

Suggested Grits depends on the type of material and the number of polishing heads.
For a 7-head machine, for example, the recommended grits are: 60 – 120 – 220 – 400 – 800 – 1800 – 3500. This also depends on the quality of the raw edge and the final shiny you want to obtain.

For Chimica General’s resinoid abrasives you can also choose types with different fittings than the “snail”, for example, also there are available abrasives with velcro, Frankfurt or Cassani fitting, so that they can be compatible with edge polishers and polishing machines both automatic and manual.

Depending on the material to be polished there is the specific Ecodiamant model:

  • LEVIGACOSTE: for the flat edge with vertical edge polishers (like Marmomeccanica LCV)
  • PLATEAU: for the flat edge with horizontal edge polishers
  • FRANKFURT: for polishing line machines
  • FICKERT: for polishing line machines
  • CASSANI: for portable machines like Achilli or Cassani
  • TORO: for radius and bullnose edge on vertical polishing machines (like Marmomeccanica LCT)
  • BISELLO: for chamfers

For the Nicolai Diamant Resin abrasive wheels the ProGlo category is composed by:

  • CAYMAN: for the flat edge with horizontal edge polishing machines; abrasive thickness 7 mm
  • GATOR: for the flat edge with vertical edge polishing machines; abrasive thickness 14 mm
  • EAGLE: for radius and bullnose edge; abrasive thickness 10 mm
  • HAWK: for flat, radius and bullnose edge; abrasive thickness 14 mm
  • BULL: for bullnose edge; abrasive thickness 10 mm

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