Marchetti Hydraulic Tensioner & Tie-rods

Marchetti Hydraulic Tensioner and Tie-rods

Marchetti is the leader supplier of Hydraulic tensioner and tie-rods systems for tensioning the blades for block cutting in both marble and granite gangsaws.

When talking about Hydraulic tensioner units for stone working at 100% you’re talking about Officine Marchetti: the inventors, developers and professionists of stone gangsaws’ tensioners.

In our online store you can buy spare parts for Marchetti tensioner systems, tensioner units and tie-rods.
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  • Hydraulic Tensioners for Granite

    Hydraulic Tensioners for Granite (30)

  • Hydraulic tensioners for Marble

    Hydraulic tensioners for Marble (9)

  • Marble tie-rods

    Marble tie-rods (2)