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Positioning Lasers

Red line laser installed in a bridge saw

The Positioning Laser (called also Alignment Laser or Guideline Laser) is a very useful tool for a worker who needs to align workpieces in a machine and avoid wastage of material.
Many applications require a visual pre-alignment of the material to work, and because of that, a Positioning Laser is a popular system in the stone industry, in the wood industry or among the metal fabricators.

A Laser for positioning helps the marble-worker to align its stone slab in the worktable of the bridge saw. The laser is mounted to the bridge of the machine in order to allow the line to move along with the bridge (usually the Y axis of the machine) and it marks the cutting edge of the diamond blade.

Our available positioning lasers produce a clean and powerful line visible also in high-light conditions and it’s possible to choose the laser with line beam red or green and with different housing sizes.

You can buy online our Positioning Line Lasers in different models choose the one that fits your needs.

Common applications for these Positioning Lasers: 

  • Stone: slabs alignment in bridge saws, cutters and working centers
  • Lumber: trunks alignment and woodpiece positioning in band saws
  • Metal: workpiece alignment in lathes and turning centers
  • Plastic: sheets alignment in cnc machines
  • … all other applications where you need to align a piece to work or a machine

    It makes your alignment job faster, more precise and safer.

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Red line laser installed in a bridge saw