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Diamond cup wheel for marble “Star” – Sifa

$67,35$83,76 Net of VAT
Diamond cup wheel for marble model “Star” Its shape allows the use of dust extraction hood Available in 2 different

Diamond cup wheel for marble “SD-PC” – Sifa

$54,40$86,35 Net of VAT
Diamond cup wheel for marble, granite, concrete and natural stone High processing speed For angle grinder Use dry Available in

Diamond cup wheel for granite “SD-PW” – Sifa

$81,17$253,88 Net of VAT
Diamond cup wheel model SD-PW for granite, cement and natural stone Available in 3 different diameters 100 mm, 125 mm and

Diamond grinding wheels for stone, granite, concrete

The Diamond Grinding Wheels (popular also as “Grinding Blades” or “Grinding Cup Wheels) are used for smoothing out hard surfaces by an angle grinder.
The Cutting Blades are used to cut the surface, the grinding wheels are used to grind abrasive building materials like concrete, marble, and granite
In this category, you find different diamond grinding wheels for different materials such as stone, marble, granite, and concrete.
Usually, these tools come with a fitting that is M14 or a Bore-22,23mm; choose the one suitable for your angle grinder.

Diamond grinding wheels for granite

The Granite working diamond grinding wheels are made of sintered diamond segments in order to work hard materials such as granite, natural quartzite, and engineered stone.

Diamond grinding wheels for stone

Diamond grinding wheels for concrete

Silicon carbide grinding (abrasive) cup wheels

In this category, you find also the Silicon Carbide Grinding Cup Wheels for angle grinders and for use with stone, marble, and granite.
They are available as cylindrical cup wheels 80mm-diameter and conical cup wheels  110mm-diameter. They come with an M14-fitting in order to use them with every angle-grinder in the market. These silicon carbide abrasive cup wheels are used by marble workers for shaping, grinding, and removing scratches out of stone.
For each type, you can choose the grit that you need.

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