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Electroplated threaded finger bit for replaceable tips – Marble – Diamar

152,00 312,00  Net of VAT
Electroplated threaded finger bit for replaceable tips Electroplated Threaded finger bit for marble working and suitable for the use of the replaceable

Electroplated finger bit for Marble – Diamar

75,00 142,50  Net of VAT
CNC Electroplated finger bit for Marble cutting When you need to cut and profile marble or soft-stone with your CNC

Electroplated flat router bit – Diamar

24,00 64,00  Net of VAT
Flat Tip marble router bits CNC marble router bits ideal also to work materials such as soft stones and concrete.

Electroplated finger bit – Marble – Nicolai

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CNC Router Finger Milling Bits

Diamond CNC Finger bits for stone fabrication (to work marble, granite, ceramics, and synthetic materials such as Lapitec, Dekton, or Neolith

Large selection of finger bits for all-natural stone, quartz, engineered stones, natural quartzite, ceramic and ultra-compact surfaces.
(For the glass working: CNC glass cutting bit)

Single-pass or Multiple-passes cutting?

Single-pass cutting if you want to get a better finish without having the steps visible and because it spreads the wear over a longer flute length, which means your tool will last longer. If you can cut in one pass and get a clean cut and good speed – do it.
Multiple-passes cutting (incremental cutting) if you have a small CNC router and you need to cut without creating excessive tool deflection to minimize the risk of tool breakage or if the piece could move on the table.

Common rule for soft materials (if you are cutting granite or quartzite it could not be valid): It’s best to cut all the way through as the tip of a bit wears n-times faster taking n passes instead of one.
The best bit life is had with top speed and most material removed per pass within the limit of cut quality and machine power

As with other types of CNC tools, the following general rule applies: use an electroplated finger bit to work materials such as stone and marble; choose a sintered-segment finger bit to work hard stone such as granite, lava stone, basalt, or quartz.
The bonding matrix is a very important factor when choosing the most appropriate sintered-segment finger bit. The bond must be chosen based on the material to cut:

  • Use a very soft bond (FB23) when cutting quartz, engineered stone, ceramic, Dekton, Laminam, Lapitec, Neolith…
  • Use a soft bond (FB3) when cutting hard quartz
  • Use a medium hardness bond (FB2) when cutting medium-hardness materials
  • Use a hard bond (FB1) when cutting soft materials

Our vast assortment of Diamond CNC Finger Bits is intended for CNC machines, fabrication centers, and radial-arm machines.
Fingers bits are one of the most common CNC tools used being employed to mill material and cut any type of curve in stone.
We provide different types of finger bits to make fast, accurate, and enduring cuts in any material or job. Specifically, we offer:

  • Electroplated finger bits for marble
  • Sintered hard-bond finger bits for soft stone 
  • Sintered soft-bond finger bits for hard granite and engineered stone
  • Sintered very-soft-bond finger bits designed for the hardest stones like quartzite

Remember, a soft material requires a hard-bond finger bit whereas a hard material requires a soft-bond bit.
1/2” gas is the standard connection, however, we also have interchangeable bit tips with an M10 or M12 thread for the replaceable piece. Cylindrical shank or flange connections are also available.

The cutting surface of a finger bit is always “on the side”. Never plunge a finger bit into a material in the Z-direction, only use a lateral motion in the X-Y plane. To plunge from top to bottom, use an interchangeable finger bit tip, or the segmented finger bit specifically designed for incremental cuts.

Choosing the right sintered finger bit for a particular job can be confusing due to the vast assortment of bits available. Consult the following chart for assistance:


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