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Hand chiesel for stoneworking

$6,59$40,30 Net of VAT
Hand chiesel for the stoneworking – Bettoni Chiesel for stoneworking with a widia tip, ideal to work stone and marble.

Hand chisel

$6,59$69,26 Net of VAT
Hand chisel for marble and granite – Bettoni Chiesel for sculptors with a widia tip ideal to work stone and

Stone carving tools

Italian made Stone carving tools and Stone working tools for hand carving.
Stone sculpting tools for carvers, sculptors, stone artists, and artisans.

Applications: Stone carving tools are used by stone carvers, engravers, and sculptors for producing stone reliefs, tombstones, sculptures, high-relief in Gravestones, and memorial headstones.

Here you find a wide range of hammers, mallets, and chisels to subtract material away from the blocks; and you find chisels at different angles to make letterforms, and lettering on monuments, and make gravestones.

Stoneworking Tools for carving marble and granite can be divided into 2 families:

  • Percussions tools: hammers, chisels, and mallets
  • Abrasive tools: rasps and scrapers

With the right stone tools, sculptors are able to model a piece of stone (through many steps: percussion removal, rasping, sanding, and finishing), and create incredible artistic objects: statues, religious iconography, facades for cathedrals, and abstract shapes.

Pneumatic stone carving hammer (or Air Hammer)

Pneumatic Hammer (or Air hammer) is a percussion tool used by sculptors. The advantage of the air hammer is that it is softer than hitting with a hand hammer but it hits so much more frequently.
Pneumatic hammer for stones uses the same tools we have in manual stone carving: flat chisels, teeth chisels, bush-hammer, and so on.

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