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Tool holder fork Breton ISO 40 – GNC

Tool holder fork Breton ISO 40 – GNC

$59,09 $44,32 exc. VAT
Tool holder fork for Breton CNC machines ISO 40 Tool holder fork for automatic tool changer with ISO40 tool holders

ISO 40 CNC Tool Forks

Amastone - Tool Forks ISO 40

Complete range of Tool forks ISO 40 for CNC auto tool-changer.

Tool forks for the most common OEM brands in the stone, glass, and woodworking industries

ISO 40 tool forks for CNC routers including Bavelloni, Bimatech, CMS-Brembana, Cobalm, Denver, Donatoni, Forvet, GMM, Intermac, P-Cruz, Pavoni, Poseidon, Prussiani, Q-Design, Scandinvent, Technology, Thibaut. You find also forks for tool holder ISO 40 DIN 69871.

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