Tools for manual stone working

Hand stone carving tools

Wide range of stone carving tools to accomplish your artistic objectives.
Basically we have 2 classifications of stone carving tools:

  • Percussions tools with hammer, chisels and mallets
  • Abrasive tools with rasps, scrapers and abrasive stones

Stone working is most basically a form of percussion of hammer and chisel.
The simple sequence stone carvers go through is:

  1. Starting out with a point chisel
  2. Then they go to the tooth chisel
  3. After that they go to a flat chisel and, depending on what they’re working on, they may need the round headed chisel
  4. Then the sequence goes to an abrasive tool, as the rasp
  5. At the end abrasives, stone abrasives to finish the stone surface

We have to think of the stone carving as a little bit like peeling an onion. You’re taking of layer after layer after layer and you first go through several layers with the point chisel and the move on to the other chisels.

Here you can find all these tools like metal hammers,  bush-hammers and many types of chisels and rasps.

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