The 5 Main Advantages Of Buying Online... (on Amastone)

Our e-commerce platform has been active for two years now, and we are able now to make an initial assessment of our MMG Service Srl flagship project.
The challenge, in which we definitely succeeded, was to make a small change in the tools and spare parts market in the stone processing industry.
We are certain that as the generational change of our customers (mainly marble workers) proceeds, and as users in general gain greater confidence in online purchases, marble and granite working tools will also be increasingly sought out and purchased on digital platforms.
Italy is the hands-down leader throughout the entire stone industry. In designing and manufacturing machinery, in designing and manufacturing tools, in the professional figures of craftsmen, in the organizing factories to produce slabs, and in the specialized technical support. Of course, the premier online marble and granite accessory store is Italian?

Amastone’s mission is, in fact, that of becoming the Amazon of the stone industry.

The market responds very well to our efforts but the important is our confidence in large margins for development and growth.
I then wondered what the five main reasons (advantages) a stonemason would or should have for buying on Amastone.

  1. 1. For the wide variety of products available on Amastone. Our online market has the best brands, synonymous with reliability and quality. Different products, for any type of machine, any type of material, and any type of application.
  2.  Because it is possible to buy products challenging to find locally and that you wouldn’t even know where to look for, or for which the only possibility would be to call the machinery manufacturer. But machinery producers don’t manufacture every component or accessory, hence it is much more convenient and quicker o search for the component on our specialized marketplace.
  3.  For the 14-day right of withdrawal. Digital channels protect customers to a much greater extent than traditional purchase-regulations do. In compliance with European law, Amastone guarantees the right of withdrawal within 14 days after purchase. So, if you buy a product and realize it is not suitable for your machine, or if you made a mistake in choosing the type, you can return it and we will refund the full cost of the product. It has only happened once in two years!
  4.  Due to price transparency in each product and in formulating the price of the more complex products. Prices are displayed clearly, and you can compare the prices of different products. You have the opportunity to see how prices are formulated for complex products; for example, you can check each individual option or variation in cost for the CNC Amastone Next Router.
  5. Due to the intelligent mix of digital and technical support. Our multi-channel structure is very important for technical and specific products such as those sold on Amastone. Having a mix with advanced digital display cases and human relationships for pre- and post -sales service (off-line support) is very important. Having a flexible system favors end users who first autonomously choose the products by themselves using our online platform and then if needed, consult our off-line staff.

These are the main reasons and advantages associated with buying through Amastone rather than from traditional channels, and we work to enhance these advantages for the user every day.
Write any comments you may have below, and please tell us of anything preventing you from making online orders. Please tell us how and why it happens. This will help us meet you halfway to break down barriers and create an increasingly superior service.

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