amastone registers its trademark in Italy, Europe and United States

Our brand – amastone – means a lot to us, so we decided to register it in ItalyEurope and United States.

Even if amastone is very young, it has a good popularity and authority in the stone industry.  As you know we work on international markets and our game field is the internet.

Basically, amastone is one of our most precious good that we have as a company. We consider our brand an asset to protect, so registering it in the countries where we are most present (Italy, Europe and United States) has become a necessity.

If you are wondering which are the reasons why a company must register its trademark, here 11 reasons we have considered:

Why do you need to get a trademark?

  1. Because it represents the most immediate form of communication to promote your business;
  2. Because the brand is the first approach your clients have with your company;
  3. To build your corporate image in a more consistent and continuous way;
  4. To guarantee you the exclusive right to use and to prevent the unauthorized use of your trademark;
  5. In order to protect your products and your own reputation;
  6. Because it represents a commercial value, even beyond your company’s core business: the more the reputation grows, the more the brand will have value;
  7. To create trust in costumers who identify with the brand;
  8. To differentiate your own economic offer, so that you can stand out from the competition;
  9. Because a trademark gives you the chance to be easily found on internet and on social media;
  10. To be able to expand your company in other industries in an easier way;
  11. To be able to grant licenses or franchises, therefore you can earn royalties.

If also your business – and your brand – are well known and have a good authority, if you work on international markets and if you work online, then you have no time to waste: you must register your trademark immediately!

Here there are some useful links:

EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Office

USPTO – United States Patent and Trademark Office

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