Nicolai Diamant restart the production of Fickert diamond sintered resin tools for Bretonstone

I report below a very important post listed in the official Nicolai Diamant facebook page where the Italian company announces the restarting of the production of the Fickert diamond sintered resin tools for bretonstone.
Because of the impressive international growing up of the Nicolai Diamant mainly in the US market, I think this is a very important new for our industry

Nicolai Diamant has been the supplier in the past for polishing resin tools marketed under the name Excello for “Bretonstone”.
Due to some corporate changes during 2013, the Division related to the Bretonstone material was sold to the leaving partner Nicolai Primo, who continued this business with a new company (Nicolai Nest Srl) and an exclusive for 5 years which therefore resulted in a suspension of production for Nicolai Diamant of this production.

Since the 1st of January 2019, the non-competition agreement that governed our agreement has expired and we have been able to restart the production of Fickert diamond sintered resin tools and launch the marketing of other innovative products suitable for new materials in the Bretonstone segment and beyond.

This suspension in the last 5 years, didn’t stop us from exploring and developing other resin tools for natural materials (including GIOTTO for marble, a product that revolutionized the MARBLE polishing). Our engineers have been able to put together the past know-how that had led to the creation of the diamond Fickert thanks also to the collaboration of the dep. of Engineering and Chemistry of the University of Pisa with the new experience acquired. Nicolai D has grown further in recent years also adding a production Unit in the USA.

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(Source: Official Nicolai Diamant facebook page)

Nicolai Diamant Restart The Production Of Fickert Diamond Sintered Resin Tools For Bretonstone
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