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    Pull stud for tool holder cone ISO/BT 40 - IMS
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    Pull stud bolts ISO/BT 40 - IMS

    The pull stud bolt is the only part connecting the machining center and the tooling. It is one of the most important components because this one bolt retains the tooling and it must stand up to severe cutting forces. Because the pull stud is used under severe conditions it is regarded as a con...
    Use with: CNC | Brand: IMS | Machine brand: Achilli, Agut, BAVELLONI, BIMATECH, Brembana CMS new type, Brembana CMS old type, Breton, Busetti, Campagnola & Fedeli, Chiarini, COBALM, DENVER, DIN 69871/A, DONATONI, FA, Gadia, Helios, INTERMAC, Loffler, Lovati, Noat, Northwood, Omag, Park Industries, PAVONI, Pedrini, PRUSSIANI, ravelli, SCANDINVENT, Terzago, THIBAUT, VEM
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