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MONTOLIT Turmont Continuous Rim Blade

25,00 35,00  Net of VAT
MONTOLIT Turmont Continuous Rim Blade for fast cuts on ceramic with angle grinders Montolit Turmont is a continuous-rim diamond blade

DISTAR angle grider ceramics cutting blade – Esthete

30,60 35,00  Net of VAT
DISTAR diamond cutting blade for ceramics and ultra-compact materials – Esthete Ceramic angle grinder blades with an Ultra-thin diamond layer

DISTAR 45-degree cutting ceramics blade – Edge Dry

35,90 39,50  Net of VAT
DISTAR  Edge Dry 45-degree cutting blade for ceramics Angle grinder blade designed for 45-degree cutting on ceramic slabs! Cutting ceramic tiles at

Flat cutting wheel for building material/stone Premium-TM C 46 S – SAIT ABRASIVI

38,80 48,13  Net of VAT
Premium-TM C 46 S stone cutting / building disc – SAIT ABRASIVI TMC46S is a cutting disc from the Premium

Ceramic blade for saws with no-variable speed “LP40F” – Diatex

96,88 163,20  Net of VAT
Ceramic cutting blade for bridge saws without inverter and for banner saws “LP40F” – Diatex LK40C is a blade suitable

STONEGLASS bridge saw blades LK39E – Diatex

162,95 204,95  Net of VAT
[email protected] bridge saw blades “LK39E” – Diatex This blade is a special tool for STONEGLASS® cutting on bridge saws and

Multi-blade ceramic cutting machine blades – Diatex

62,21  Net of VAT
Multi-blade ceramic mosaic cutting machine blades LX43R and LX39R – Diatex Professional blades for the ceramic and porcelain cutting tiles

High-speed reinforced ceramic cutting blade “Faster PRO” Ø400 – Diatex

240,97 244,28  Net of VAT
High-speed REINFORCED ceramic cutting blade “Faster PRO” Ø400 mm (16”) – Diatex SUITABLE FOR MITER CUT FASTER PRO is the

Diatex Tile-Saw Ceramic Blades

45,67 105,00  Net of VAT
Tile Saw (cutters) Ceramic Blades LB35C / KP35T / LB39 / LB40 – Diatex Diamond blade for ceramic cutting with

High-speed ceramic cutting blade “Faster” – Diatex

85,00 242,86  Net of VAT
High-speed ceramic ultra-compact surface cutting blade “Faster” – Diatex FASTER is the diamond disc developed by Diatex S.p.A. for high-speed

Angle grinder cutting blade for ceramic tile “DryCut” – Diatex

27,72 33,60  Net of VAT
Cutting disk for ceramic tile, porcelain ceramic – Diatex Continuous rim Grinder Blade for cutting extra hard ceramics, porcelain and other

Diatex FORTYFIVE” 45° silent-core bridge saw blades for Laminam or Neolith

227,58 280,24  Net of VAT
“FORTYFIVE”  – the innovative blade specially developed by Diatex for clean 45° miter cuts on gres tiles, Laminam and Neolith

Diatex “MITERcut” 45° bridge saw blade for ceramics

227,58 229,58  Net of VAT
Circular “MITERcut” bridge saw blades for cutting large ceramic slabs including Dekton, Laminam, Neolith and other material for inclined cuts

Lapitec bridge saw blades “LAPIcut” – Diatex

123,16 227,58  Net of VAT
Lapitec Bridge Saw Blades “LAPIcut” – Diatex The Diatex “LAPIcut” porcelain blades are the perfect blades for Lapitec cutting. Available in

“GREScut” Ceramic Cutting bridge saw blades for Laminam, Neolith, and Porcelain – Diatex

80,32 227,58  Net of VAT
“GREScut” Ceramic/porcelain blade for Laminam, Neolith, RAK, and Porcelain slabs CERAMIC/PORCELAIN SAW BLADE The GREScut blade is certified by NEOLITH

Diatex “DEKcut” bridge saw blades for cutting Dekton

123,16 290,06  Net of VAT
Diatex “DEKcut” blades for Dekton DEKCut bridge saw blades belong to the Diatex POKERLine family used to make super-clean cuts

Cutting blade with turbo crown for engineered stone – Sankyo Razor

25,44 56,99  Net of VAT
Cutting blade with turbo crown used for cutting granite, engineered stone and hard material Turbo crown for fast cutting Use dry

Cutting blade with turbo crown for granite – Sankyo RS

30,52 81,58  Net of VAT
Turbo Crown Blades Granite – Sankyo RS Turbo crown for fast and precision cutting Use dry Available in different diameters from

Cutting blade with continuous crown for glass – Sankyo SM-GX

20,35 42,84  Net of VAT
Cutting blade with continuous crown used for cutting ceramic and glass Continuous crown for precision cuts Use dry Available in

Cutting blade with continuous crown for ceramic and gres – Sankyo SM-E

11,44 21,52  Net of VAT
Blade with continuous crown used for cutting ceramic and gres Continuous crown for precision cuts Use dry Available in 2