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Polycrystalline PCD Router Bit for granite – Amastone

100,00  Net of VAT
Polycrystalline PCD Router Bit – Amastone Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) bits ideal to engrave granite, quartz, and lava stone on CNC

Polycrystalline carving router bit – Granite – OMGF

208,45 917,18  Net of VAT
Polycrystalline carving router bit for granite This is a PCD Conic Mill for carving granite, especially for the production of reliefs,

Polycrystalline V-Groove Router Bit for granite

125,07 145,28  Net of VAT
Polycrystalline-diamond-tipped bits for engraving granite, quartz, and Lava Stone These are single-lipped polycrystalline diamond (PCD) bits which, due to their

Flat-tip carving tool for Marble and Granite – OMGF

20,91 144,45  Net of VAT
CNC Flat-tip carving tool for Marble and Granite This tool is also called a CNC Flat router bit for marble