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Eco-friendly liquid wax Filaclassic – Fila

$16,27$61,26 Net of VAT
Eco-friendly liquid wax Filaclassic FILACLASSIC is an ideal liquid wax for protecting floors in marble, travertine, terracotta, and stone. Filaclassic

Water-based stain-protector for unpolished surfaces W68- Fila

$31,01$122,44 Net of VAT
Water-based stain protector for unpolished surfaces FilaW68 FilaW68 is a stain-proofing water-based, it is ideal for unpolished surfaces, such as terracotta,

Water-repellent protector Hidrorep ECO – Fila

$19,69$79,06 Net of VAT
Water-Based water-repellent protector Hidrorep ECO HYDROREP ECO is a water-repellent with a natural effect, ideal for unpolished stone, concrete, tufo,

Garage protector FILABETON – Fila

$63,74 Net of VAT
Garage protector FILABETON – Fila FILA BETON is a garage protector sealant for concrete floors.  The format is available in

Pre-fixing efflorescence-blocking protector FilaPW10 – Fila

$47,37 Net of VAT
Efflorescence blocking protector FilaPW10 FilaPW10 stops contaminants rising up from the substrate to the material surface preventing the formation of

Oil and Water Repellent – Imperston Natura – General

$22,62 Net of VAT
Oil and Water Repellent – Imperston Natura – General 1 Liter bottles of Oil and Water Repellent – Imperston Natura.