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Drill stand DS 250 – Husqvarna

962,50  Net of VAT
Drill stand DS 250 DS 250 is a mid-sized drill stand, made of aluminum, it has a combined base plate

Electric core drill DM 220 – Husqvarna

1.962,50  Net of VAT
Electric core drill DM 220 The Handheld electric core drill is ideal for both dry and wet drilling, it has

Vertical Rammer LT 6005 – plate 280 mm – Husqvarna

2.462,50  Net of VAT
Trench Rammer LT 6005 LT 6005 is a powerful rammer, developed for efficient compaction of granular and cohesive soils such

Forward Plate Compactor LF 75 LAT – plate 500 mm – Husqvarna

2.000,00  Net of VAT
Forward Plate Compactor LF 75 LAT LF 75 LAT is a fast-operating forward plate compactor, designed for efficient compaction of

Floor saw FS 400 LV – Diameter 500 mm – Husqvarna

3.087,50  Net of VAT
Floor saw FS 400 LV diameter 500 mm The FS 400 LV floor saw is a petrol engine push machine,

Cutter Cut-n-Break – Husqvarna

2.394,00  Net of VAT
Cutter Cut-n-Break for reinforced concrete Husqvarna allows easy cut up to 400 mm. The Husqvarna CNB power cutter can be

Electric Concrete Saw K 4000 Wet – Husqvarna

1.137,50  Net of VAT
Electric Power Concrete saw K 4000 Wet with a 350mm (14”) diameter blade The Husqvarna K4000 wet electric saw is

Power Cutter K970 Ring – diameter 370 mm – Husqvarna

4.255,27  Net of VAT
Husqvarna Power Cutters K970 Ring The K 970 Ring Husvarn cutter is perfect for making deep cuts, thanks to its

Power Cutter K970 – diameter 400 mm – Husqvarna

1.712,50  Net of VAT
Power Cutters K970 with a blade diameter 400 mm The Husqvarna K970 is a light and powerful cutter suitable for