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EDLX Sorma Electroplated Grinding Blade for marble

45,50 140,00  Net of VAT
EDLX Sorma electroplated blade for angle grinder – marble EDLX continuous crown diamond blade made by Sorma for cutting and

EDS-EDSK FLEX Sorma Marble Cutting Blades

28,00 71,40  Net of VAT
EDS / EDSK FLEX Sorma blade for marble – angle grinder Flange M14 fitting EDS-FLEX is a blade which guarantees

XS3 Sorma Granite Bridge Saw Blade

112,00 221,90  Net of VAT
XS3 Sorma Saw Blade for Granite Cutting XS3 diamond blade for the granite cutting – Matrix technology with positioned diamond.

LWTU Sorma Universal Laser-blade for angle grinder

54,60  Net of VAT
LWTU Sorma Universal diamond blade for angle grinder (Sorma DRY CUT LASER Blades ranges) This Sorma LWTU Universal diamond blade

CRC Sorma Continuous-crown Ceramic cutting blade

18,90 21,70  Net of VAT
CRC Sorma continuous-crown diamond blade for ceramic for angle grinder Continuous crown diamond blade with laser cooling cuts for precise

CCG Sorma Ceramics cutting blade for angle grinder

15,40 47,60  Net of VAT
CCG Sorma diamond blade for ceramic and Ultra-Compact surfaces for angle grinder CCG Turbo ultra-thin diamond blade for clean cuts

NTP Sorma Deep Granite Turbo Blade with side segments

18,20 39,20  Net of VAT
NTP Sorma diamond cutting blade for granite – (Sorma DRY CUT TURBO Range Blades) NTP SORMA Turbo blade with diamond

DS Sorma Professional Turbo Blade for angle grinder

14,70 38,50  Net of VAT
DS Sorma Grinder Stone Cutting Blade – (Sorma DRY CUT TURBO Range Blades) The DS SORMA blade is a professional

AH Sorma Granite Narrow-teeth Turbo Blade for angle grinder

21,00 44,80  Net of VAT
AH Dry Cut diamond blade for angle grinder for granite and quartz – Ø 115 and 230 mm – (Sorma DRY

Incremental cutting finger bit tip for granite/quartz – Sorma

42,30  Net of VAT
Incremental cutting finger bit tip for granite/quartz – Sorma Sintered finger bit tip for CNC machines; with continuous crown ideal

DIAHARD XT edge-polisher snail lock backing pads – Sorma

68,00 180,00  Net of VAT
DIAHARD XT Edge Polishing pads with Snail lock fitting – Sorma DIAHARD XT edge polishing wheels, 7-grit series, ideal for

I-DIA MX flexible wet-dry polishing pads – Sorma

6,00 42,00  Net of VAT
I-DIA MX 4-inch flexible polishing pads for wet and dry polishing with an angle grinder- Sorma Sorma I-Dia Dry Polishing

DIAHARD XT wet velcro polishing pads – Sorma

30,00 45,00  Net of VAT
DIAHARD XT wet 7-step 4” (100mm) polishing pads  for angle grinder – Sorma DIAHARD XT 4” polishing pads with velcro fitting for

Diamond hand pads Diaface – Sorma

7,46 15,68  Net of VAT
Diamond hand sanding sponges Diaface (polishing pads) for marble, granite, ceramics – Sorma Diamond Sanding Sponges Diaface. (Foam hand pads)

Wet polishing pads “DIAFACE” Ø100 mm

15,50 33,92  Net of VAT
Wet polishing pads “DIAFACE” for marble, granite and glass Use for angle grinder Diameter: 100 mm Use wet Available in

Hybrid Diamond flap discs Fastline – Sorma

42,29 54,50  Net of VAT
Hybrid Diamond flap discs for stone, ceramics, and concrete edge grinding – diameter 115 mm – 4.5 in Hybrid diamond