Amastone is an e-commerce website specializing in products for the stone industry.  We are owned by the Italian company MMG Service srl — a leading supplier of used and reconditioned machinery for stone working.
In 2017, MMG Service srl became an online company, establishing At the same time, we launched two additional e-commerce sites: for the Italian market and for the international market.

Our mission at Amastone is to assist marble workers and craftsmen around the world, by guiding them through the various stages of choosing, purchasing and using the products available through our website.
Over the years, we’ve developed an extensive knowledge of the stone industry by working closely with our customers. We wish to share this experience to help you find the right products, at the right prices.

Using our Personal Shopper Service, you can contact us directly through our online chat system, email or by phone. Our dedicated team will help you with your order.
The Amastone catalog includes thousands of items for the processing of marble and granite. Our diamond tools, consumables, accessories, and spare parts are supplied by some of the industry’s leading brands, including major Italian and foreign manufacturers.

Why Amastone?

  • Products for the stone industry that you can’t find in regular stores
  • High quality
  • Affordable prices
  • International shipping
  • Dedicated customer support

How does amastone work?

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Why customers buy from Amastone – and why you should too

If you want to revolutionize an industry, start by solving the problem of someone you know.

When we first created Amastone, we didn’t set out with the idea of revolutionizing this sector; our goal, instead, was very simple. We wanted to solve a problem that we ourselves were having, along with all of our stone and glass working customers.
We wanted to dramatically simplify the purchasing process in these two industries.

We didn’t begin with the idea of changing anything, but with a very simple goal: simplify our customers’ lives.

The typical nightmare scenario stone fabricators face every day
Whenever a stone fabricator has to buy a tool or a spare part, he undergoes a terribly complex and time-consuming process.
I’m sure it’s happened to you as well! You must have had experiences like this, perhaps you’re even used to it, because you think no other solutions are out there.
The scenario

You have a numerical control machine and need a tool to perform a particular job.
Or a customer brings you a new material to engrave, but you don’t know which bit to use.
Or even another example: you need a special adapter because you’ve figured out an ingenious way to perform a job. But you don’t know how to get the adapter? You wonder whether you’ll have to have it custom made or whether it’s commercially available, if so, where can you find it.

Regardless of what you need to buy, you certainly need a solution that is quick to apply and one that will allow you to keep work going.

Day 1
You ask your local retailer, one of those sales agents who knocks on your fabrication center door every day asking you what you need, who walks in and look around indiscreetly into your storerooms to see what is running out and, when done they fill out (by hand, of course) a customer order with a series of things you never even asked for.

But that’ s okay, you’ve been friends your entire life and you always need the same things (but are you really certain no product development has taken place and prices have not changed?).
Ok, we know that not all sales agents are like that. Some are good, well informed, and discreet, but we are describing the most likely situation.

Well that’s that. You ask him about your need but he can’t help. He doesn’t know what you are talking about. He grabs his paper catalogs and starts looking for something similar but finds nothing.

Well, you could go to you local hardware store. No, don’t even think about, you need a product specific for your industry. You’ll never find it there.

Day 2
You search online at the major ecommerce sites, such as amazon, ebay, or alibaba. You find lots of stuff but never what you need. You can’t use a hobby-shop solution. You are a professional business.
So then all you have to do is ask the machine manufacturer.
But this more often than not is a fruitless solution.
Do you really think they have time to waste looking into such a specific question? But what can you do? You call them, the automatic operator tells you to press 1, then 3, and then you forwarded to another operator who tells you his colleague is busy.
The call ends with the usual line: “Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible”.

Day 3
One way or another, thanks to your thirty years of experience in the field and the knowledge you’ve accrued, you find what you are looking for!!! Fantastic!
And what now?
The supplier of the piece tells you that they will send you an estimate by email.
Great, now it’s just a matter of time.

Day 5
My gosh, I’m wondering, what will this piece actually look like? I wish I could see at a photo. sorry, you can’t, we don’t have one!
Is it really the right tool? Did I explain myself well to the vendor?
You hope so and cross your fingers.
You make the bank transfer right away so as to not waste time.
The vendor receives your bank transfer after two working days.
Ok, now it’s just a matter of time.

Day 7
Did the bank transfer really arrive? Who knows!
You call the vendor… an operator answers: “I’ll check with admin and let you know.

Ok, so you wait.

Day 8
Another day goes by and you receive an email saying the goods are ready to ship. Excellent

They ship the goods by courier and the invoice shows shipping costs three times higher than market values, plus packaging costs. What’s this? The estimate didn’t say anything about packing costs.
Ok, what the heck, I need the tool now, who cares if I’ll have to pay some extra unexpected charges!

Day 11
The piece arrives. Finally!
And now how do you use it? You need the operating parameters. How do you install it?
Ok, so you call the vendor for assistance.
The operator is busy. Call back later.
In the meantime, you have a fabrication center to run so the soonest you can call back is in the afternoon. When you finally get through, they tell you: “Sorry, my colleague went home at 5:00, please call back tomorrow”.
Darn, I guess you’ll have to call back tomorrow.

Day 12
You call back the next day, early in the morning to finally get out of the mess -)
Over the phone, the operator tells you what you need to do.
OK there we are, you’re finally ready to start the job.


You can’t afford experiences like this anymore!
It’s time for something new and better
Such as:
● Going online and accessing a site specialized in your industry.
● On the site, finding professional products with photos, descriptions, and parameters. Being able to compare products together and to explore new solutions.
● Being able to filter by type, size, connection, or any other relevant parameters to the item. Fantastic! -> You find what you need!!!
● Having real price transparency.
● Being able to chat, call, send an or ask for immediate expert support.
● Being able to buy the part in less than five minutes.
● Being able to pay in the manner most convenient for you (credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, cash on delivery or any of the other solutions available on the site).
● Having the goods arrive directly at your intended destination (delivery times are 2 or 3 days).
If you have any queries, you can visit the site and find the parameters you need on the product page, and if that’s not enough, you can call and request help, and get an answer back in less than two minutes.

This is exactly what Amastone does. We resolve these nightmare scenario problems.
We simplify every step of the purchasing process.
Searching for and comparing products with full product information available. Price transparency, Fast payment, technical assistance when acquiring about or using a part.

With Amastone
● In terms of time –> expect time savings of at least 70%.
● Price –> Expect savings of at least 10% except when you save up to 50% or more.
● Quality –> we save you money thanks to the fact we always use the right tool in the right way.

And so?
So that’s good news. We are happy to help you at Amastone! :-)


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