About us

Amastone is an e-commerce website specializing in products for the stone industry. Amastone is owned by the Italian company MMG Service srl already leader in the sale of used machines for the stone working.

MMG Service srl in 2017 becomes an “Internet company” when in addition to mmgservice.it site for the used and reconditioned machines also launches amastone.it (e-commerce for the Italian market) and amastone.com (e-commerce for the international market) through which sells products all over the world.

Our mission is to assist every marble worker and craftsman of this sector in the various phases: Choice, Purchase and Use of the product.

We learn a lot of things every day from any client and we want to also transfer this knowledge to all customers by creating an e-commerce website that is simple and informative as well.
With the Personal Shopper Service, we help our customers in the selection of products to be purchased through the online chat or by email or by phone.

The Amastone catalog includes thousands of products for the processing of marble and granite: diamond tools, consumables, accessories and spare parts for the best brands and the major Italian and foreign manufacturers.
Why Amastone?

  • Products for the stone industry that can not find in stores
  • High-quality products
  • Products at affordable prices
  • Dedicated customer support

How does Amastone work?

MMG Service srl
Via Don Minzoni, 20 97013 Comiso (RG)
+39 0932 518879

Our Brands

M Nikolai
M Marchetti
M Ims
M Gnc
M General
M Sifa
Omgf B
M Diamant Boart
Milwaukee B
Weha B
M Mem
M Iberdin
M Elcis