About us

Amastone is an e-commerce website specializing in products for the stone industry.  We are owned by the Italian company MMG Service srl — a leading supplier of used and reconditioned machinery for stone working.
In 2017, MMG Service srl became an online company, establishing mmgservice.it. At the same time, we launched two additional e-commerce sites: amastone.it for the Italian market and amastone.com for the international market.

Our mission at Amastone is to assist marble workers and craftsmen around the world, by guiding them through the various stages of choosing, purchasing and using the products available through our website.
Over the years, we’ve developed an extensive knowledge of the stone industry by working closely with our customers. We wish to share this experience to help you find the right products, at the right prices.

Using our Personal Shopper Service, you can contact us directly through our online chat system, email or by phone. Our dedicated team will help you with your order.
The Amastone catalog includes thousands of items for the processing of marble and granite. Our diamond tools, consumables, accessories, and spare parts are supplied by some of the industry’s leading brands, including major Italian and foreign manufacturers.

Why Amastone?

• Products for the stone industry that you can’t find in regular stores
• High quality
• Affordable prices
• Dedicated customer support

How does Amastone work?

MMG Service srl
Via Don Minzoni, 20 97013 Comiso (RG)

+39 0932 518879

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