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CNC Vacuum Pods – 4 Common Problems and How to Resolve them

The CNC Vacuum Cups provide the safest holding system for Stone and Glass CNC machines. Stone fabricators often have to drill a marble slab or need to work the edges of a granite countertop, in all these cases the slab must be raised from the top of the table and must be properly held to not move during the machining. With a CNC Suction Cups’ System, this kind of jobs is done safely and faster than using brackets or other improvised clamping systems.

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Commands For Modifying Dynamics (in An Amastone Cnc Machine) For A Better Finish And Shorter Working Times

Commands for modifying dynamics (in an Amastone CNC machine)

Have you ever heard of the machine commands [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]?
These commands are available in the standard set installed in an Amastone Next CNC router (thanks to the use of a highly professional control such as OSAI) and they allow you to change the dynamics of the CNC machine’s movements.

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