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CNC Marble Engraving Solid Carbide V-Bits – Poligrafic Amastone

39,00 42,00  Net of VAT
CNC Marble Engraving Solid Carbide V-Bits 10mm Shank – Poligrafic Amastone Professional high-quality router bits for marble and stone engraving

Polycrystalline PCD Router Bit for granite – Amastone

98,00  Net of VAT
Polycrystalline PCD Router Bit – Amastone Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) bits are ideal to engrave granite, quartz, and lava stone on

Sintered engraving router bits

21,00  Net of VAT
Granite and Ceramic Engraving bits, diameter 6mm CNC router bits for granite and ceramic engraving/grooving. Diameter 6mm. This tool is

PCD plates for quarry machines – Stratapax

25,60 29,00  Net of VAT
PCD plates for quarry machines – Stratapax Polycrystalline plates for chain quarry machines, for cutting and punching. Application: marble. Typically

Amastone engraving bits for marble

16,80 22,40  Net of VAT
Solid carbide engraving bits for CNC routers and machines – Amastone Amastone’s solid carbide engraving router bits are ideal tools

Carbide V-Groove Router Bits

14,96 29,62  Net of VAT
Carbide engraving bits for stone, marble, and granite Carbide engraving bit for CNC routers and CNC machines for 10-mm cylindrical

Electroplated diamond carving tool for ceramic and granite – Diamar

33,00  Net of VAT
Electroplated diamond carving tool for marble, ceramic, and even granite These electroplated carving tools have a conical angle of 60

Electroplated diamond carving tool for marble – OMGF

58,36  Net of VAT
Electroplated carving tool for marble – OMGF The difference between these electroplated diamond carving tools and a carbide bit is

Polycrystalline carving router bit – Granite – OMGF

208,47 917,20  Net of VAT
Polycrystalline carving router bit for granite This is a PCD Conic Mill for carving granite, especially for the production of reliefs,

Polycrystalline V-Groove Router Bit for granite

137,59 159,82  Net of VAT
Polycrystalline-diamond-tipped bits for engraving granite, quartz, Lava Stone, natural quartzite These are single-lipped polycrystalline diamond (PCD) bits which, due to

30° Carbide Round Tip Router bits – OMGF

19,56 22,58  Net of VAT
OMGF engraving tools 30° radiused (R0.5-R3) in widia

Flat-tip carving tool for Marble and Granite – OMGF

20,93 144,47  Net of VAT
CNC Flat-tip carving tool for Marble and Granite This tool is also called a CNC Flat router bit for marble

30° Flat-Tip Carbide Router Bits – OMGF

16,52 21,11  Net of VAT
OMGF engraving tools 30° flat (0-3 mm) in widia

Round-tip carbide router bit for Marble – OMGF

25,62 47,05  Net of VAT
Round-tip carbide router bit for marble Carbide router bit with a round tip (5-mm/10 mm radius ) for engraving marble

Carbide edge-rounding router bit – Marble – OMGF

29,62 65,12  Net of VAT
Carbide edge-rounding bit for Marble This tool is used to round and fine-finish the edges of engraved cuts in marble,

Utensili Per Pantografo Cnc

Industrial quality CNC Engraving Bits and Tools for Stone like marble, granite, and ceramics

Perfect bits for CNC Signmaking projects and finishing

There is an inherent overlap and confusion in the modern stone industry as regards carving and engraving. Engraving refers to etching, lettering, or writing alphanumeric characters and symbols and conducting fine-finishing operations on stone whereas carving, similar in concept, function, and meaning, refers more to the roughing out of shapes, complicated figures, and sculpturing.

The distinction is clear in some applications, in others it may be vague. If you are looking for engraving tools, you might actually need a carving tool. If you don’t find what you want here,  we strongly recommend you peruse our carving tools as well.

What is Finishing in Stone Machining?

The finishing operation is performed after roughing to achieve the final geometry and other details. Finishing or fine machining can provide high dimensional accuracy and close tolerance while roughing can’t and the surface quality after finishing is better than that after roughing

Diamond-tipped bits for CNC machines to work stone, marble, granite, and ceramics

These professional CNC machine/router bits are used extensively by stone fabricators for engraving, sign-making, etching, lettering, writing, and finishing. They are used in the funerary arts and to manufacture marble or granite products.
These tools have a cylindrical shank and are characterized by a 120°,90°, 60°, or 30° angle with a rounded or flat tip. They are also called V-carving bits, V-tip tools, sign-making bits, writing bits, and lettering bits.

Applications: Stone and marble letters engraving, finishing in tombstones, monuments, and memorials.

What bits to use for engraving?

When it comes to engraving stone, choosing the right bits or tools is crucial to achieving the desired results. There are several types of bits that are commonly used for engraving, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

V-bits are a popular choice for stone engraving and are typically used for softer stones or for creating bas-relieves and letterings. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Small flat-head finger bits are another option and are typically used for harder stones or for creating grooves.

It’s important to choose a bit that is the appropriate size and shape for the specific engraving job at hand. A small, pointed bit may be used for fine detail work, while a larger, rounded bit may be better for larger, more sweeping designs. It’s also important to consider the speed and power of the engraving tool being used, as different bits may perform differently depending on these factors.

Ultimately, selecting the right bit for stone engraving requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and experimentation. With the right tools and techniques, however, it’s possible to achieve beautiful and precise engravings on a variety of stone surfaces.

Based on the material to be cut, three families of tips are used:

  • Carbide-tipped tools for marble working. Typically used for engraving, writing, and finishing marble and soft stone materials.
  • Electroplated diamond bits. These are mainly used for marble engraving but some diamond electroplated bits are specifically designed for working ceramic and granite, such as the Pink Line bits; try them, they are amazing!
  • Polycrystalline Diamond bits (PCD tools) for writing and engraving granite and ceramic.

For more information see: Carbide and Polycrystalline bits for Marble and Granite

What feed and plunge rate should I use with my marble or granite engraving bit?

Each product page shows the recommended operating parameters. These are generic parameters referring to bits used on a sturdy CNC router operating without significant vibrations.
Generally speaking, the operating parameters can be changed in accordance with the following rule: “The smaller the cutting depth per pass, the greater the feed rate”
For example:

  • for a cutting depth of 3mm per pass, the feed rate can be 80 – 100 mm/min
  • for a cutting depth of 2mm per pass, the feed rate can be 150 mm/min
  • for a cutting depth of 0.5 – 1mm per pass, the feed rate can be 400 mm/min

If we increase the feed rate, we also need to increase the bit speed of rotation.
As regards the plunge rate, we recommend that you don’t exceed 100 – 120mm/min and execute ramp plunge moves at an angle of 10 – 20° with respect to the material surface.
Make sure to use plenty of water to cool the tip.
Almost all bits come with a bored version to allow internal water flow for more effective cooling.

How to choose the best tip angle for my engraving bit?

When engraving with your CNC router, the main factors you need to consider are the desired width and depth. With these values in hand, it is easy to choose the best tip.
For a given groove depth, the cutting width is a function of the tip angle. It will increase the deeper you plunge into the material as a function of this angle. The ratio of the plunge depth to the engraving width is determined by the angle of the tip cutting-edge. The sketch below shows the relationship between cutting width and depth.

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