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“White Lion” natural quartzite blade for bridge saws – Weha

224,20 615,60  Net of VAT
Diamond blade for natural quartzite cutting White Lion – Weha The White Lion blade is a specific blade for natural

Hard quartzite cutting blade “TITANIUM” – Diatex

192,00 310,00  Net of VAT
Bridge Saw Quartzite cutting blade TITANIUM  – Diatex Natural Hard Quartzite cutting blade for bridge saws. Also, ideal for the

Quartz / Granite bridge saw Blades – GK15D Diatex

80,80 349,86  Net of VAT
Engineered Stone, Quartz, and Hard granite cutting blades for bridge saw – GK15D – Diatex GK15D blade is a diamond

Granite bridge saw blades – Amastone

91,00 130,00  Net of VAT
Circular granite bridge saw blades by Amastone These Made-in-Italy blades are designed for cutting granite and hard materials. Amastone granite

Granite bridge-saw blades – GK17C Diatex

82,11 283,81  Net of VAT
Bridge saw blades GK17C for granite cutting Diatex GK17C granite cutting blades come in diameters that vary from 250 to

Granite Bridge Saw Blades “Rush B” – Diamant Boart

121,50 299,88  Net of VAT
“Rush B” model Diamant Boart Granite Bridge Saw Blades 10/15 mm segment-height granite bridge saw blade This high-quality bridge saw blade

Granite Bridge Saw Blades “Rush DTA” – Diamant Boart

130,95 264,60  Net of VAT
Rush DTA Granite Bridge Saw Blades – Diamant Boart Bridge saw blades (discs) for granite cutting RUSH DTA  Let’s explain what the

Granite Bridge Saw Blades “S-Cut” – Diamant Boart

99,90 304,50  Net of VAT
Granite Bridge Saw Blades “S-Cut” Bridge saw blades (discs) for granite cutting. These granite blades are available in different diameters, from

Granite Bridge Saw Blades – MarmoElettromeccanica

147,00 406,00  Net of VAT
MarmoElettromeccanica  Granite Blades Features: Blades to use on bridge saws Silent core blade Narrow gap Brand MarmoElettromeccanica MarmoElettromeccanica granite blades are

Granite, Quartzite and Engineered-Stone Saw Blades

We provide blades of various diameters, from 300 mm (12-inch) to 625 mm (24-inch), to granite fabricators. The standard arbor diameter is 60mm and comes with a 50 mm adapter (blade-reducing spacer), but other arbor sizes and hole patterns are available upon request.

Where are these granite bridge saw blades used?

All granite blades of this category are designed to cut hard stones such as granite, quartz, lava stone, basalt, or engineered stone.
This category includes granite saw blades for use on machines such as bridge saws, rail saws, and any thick slab, tile, or brick-cutting equipment. Stone fabricators commonly use these granite blades for countertop fabrication and pavers manufacturing.

Best stone saw blades:

You can choose from Diamant Boart, MarmoElettromeccanica (Gladiatus blade), Diatex (GK15D quartz/granite blade), Weha (White Lione quartzite blade), and our exclusive Amastone private-label granite cutting blades (amastone granite bridge saw blades)
If you require assistance selecting the right granite blade for your needs, contact us at

To access a comprehensive inventory of our bridge saw diamond blades designed for cutting various materials, please visit our Diamond Blades page.