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CNC Tool Forks

CNC Tool Forks for marble, granite, glass, and woodworking machines.

(CNC Tool forks have a variety of names such as tool-holder forks, tool grippers, tool-holder grippers, tool clips, and tool holder fingers).

We offer a vast array of tool forks to use with the leading CNC machines such as Intermac, Poseidon, Park Industries, Brembana, Breton, and many more.

Choose the right tool holder fork for your CNC machine
Our tool forks are grouped into different categories: ISO 30, ISO 40, ISO50, and HSK. A particular tool fork is chosen based on the particular CNC machine model in which it is to be used.

Material of construction 
Our CNC tool forks are made of an engineering plastic known as Acetyl Copolymer (POM-C), a semi-crystalline copolymer with a wide variety of uses due to its excellent mechanical properties such as high mechanical strength and rigidity, excellent wear, creep resistance, a low coefficient of friction, low moisture absorption, and dimensional stability. It is used as an alternative for metals such as steel, brass, aluminum in many mechanical components. POM-C can be machined on automatic lathes and is used in particular for precision parts. Our tool holder forks are resistant to temperature changes and maintain very precise clutch tolerance. These forks can be built to hold tools weighing up to 35Kg ……. Technology and design !!!!

Buy your tool forks or replace your broken and worn units online at Amastone.

If you can’t find your model or have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at Send us your machine brand and model and a photo of the CNC tool fork to be replaced.

Look at our prices, we always the best price-quality ratio. 

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