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CNC Suction Cups and Vacuum Pods for CNCs, for stone and glass working machines

CNC suction cups, CNC vacuum cups, (or CNC vacuum pods) for stone and glass working machines

CNC Suction Cups (also called CNC Vacuum Cups or CNC Vacuum pods) serve to raise workpieces from the working surface and securely hold them. A suction-cup system allows you to raise slabs from the table in order to drill, cut, or machine the edges. In a CNC Fabrication center, vacuum pods are also used to quickly position and secure the slabs to be worked.
Another reason vacuum pods are used is to always accurately position the slab in the exact same position to eliminate unnecessary set-up operations each time.  Mechanical pin stop locators or pneumatic backstops facilitate this step.

The friction pads on the top surface are made of hot-vulcanized rubber fused onto an anodized aluminum surface (designed to endure harsh and demanding industrial environments) guaranteed to not detach from the aluminum. The rubber friction-pad mixture is designed to ensure the best possible grip under any conditions and is contoured with specially-designed grooves to minimize the possibility of aquaplaning.
These CNC Vacuum Pods are specifically designed for work on marble, granite, glass, wood, and plastic materials.
The friction pad and the lip, or foam gasket, are made of stain-proof rubber, test-proven for use on white stone as well.

The columns have a special water-repellent, carbon-look coating that facilitates easy cleaning at the end of the day.

Our suction cups are rebored with a special tool before shipment to guarantee a height tolerance of  ± 0.02 mm.

Selecting the suction-cup model:

  1. Geometric shape: A suction cup’s most important differentiating feature is its shape, which may in fact vary from square, rectangular, round, or corner pieces.
  2. Height: The second distinguishing feature is height, which may be chosen from between 30 mm up to 240 mm.
  3. FabCenter brand: If you already have suction cups, when choosing your machine brand you can purchase suction cups, as a single kit, of the same height that you use in your current operations.

Customized CNC vacuum pods based on your needs:

  • Single-vacuum cups: these have just one vacuum on the top surface to hold the slab to be worked and are mechanically secured to the work table on the base.
  • Double-vacuum cups: these have a vacuum on both the top (to hold the workpiece) and the bottom (to secure the suction cup itself to the machine work surface).
  • Friction pad: the top of the suction cups may have an EDPM rubber lip or a foam-rubber gasket. The foam gasket is best suited for materials having irregular surfaces. Suction cups having a simple rubber lip are almost always used for glass.
  • Suction cup base: the base of double-vacuum suction cups may either be comprised of an O-ring gasket or EPDM rubber. EDPM rubber provides a stronger grip than the O-Ring gasket.
  •  Vacuum ports: finally, it is possible to choose the vacuum fitting size, which may range from 6mm to 12mm.

Our products include CNC suction cups of various sizes and shapes providing the best solution for any stone- or glass-industry application.
Our CNC Vacuum Pods are made in Italy and selected from the leading CNC manufacturers: Intermac, Breton, Denver, Bimatech, Park Industries, Pavoni,  CMS-Brembana, Loeffler, Prussiani, Helios, Omag, Thibaut, D2 Technology, Cobalm, Donatoni, Emmedue, and Northwood.

The surfaces of our CNC vacuum pods are designed to provide the best possible grip under all conditions and to avoid aquaplaning. They perform even when the material to be held is not perfectly planar – the case for natural stone. In the extruded rubber foam version – sealed on the sides – the gasket surface adjusts its contour to fit perfectly to the surface, precluding any loss of vacuum.
Buy your suction cups online at the best prices available on the market and customize them choosing the most suitable geometric shape,  your machine brand, the pod/cup heights for the single/double vacuum model, the pad seals, and other features.

Note: CNC Suction Cups, with heights between 30 mm to 49 mm are considered special cups, being particularly short. Customized cups may require a few more days to manufacture.
Upon request, you can also order cups taller than 240 mm or “specially customized cups”.
Please contact us at  should you have any questions

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