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Marble Flat abrasive discs SAIT-DISC D SD 115 – Sait

16,16 20,45  Net of VAT
Flat abrasive discs D SD SaitDisc 115 – SAIT for marble working Flat abrasive discs to use on marble and

Silicon Carbide Cloth Flap Discs – SAITLAM PN-C

31,37 75,24  Net of VAT
Silicon carbide cloth Flap discs for grinding stone – SAITLAM-PN and SAITLAM-DOUBLE-C – SAIT ABRASIVI (10pz) SAITLAM flat flap discs

Sanding discs 15 holes – SAITAC AW-D Ø150 15F – Sait

21,90 26,67  Net of VAT
Velcro Sanding Discs – Saitac VEL diameter 150mm (6 inch) Corundum abrasive paper with double resin. Smoothing of metal surfaces before

Hybrid Diamond Flap Discs Fastline – Sorma / KGS

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Hybrid Diamond flap discs for stone, ceramics, and concrete edge grinding – diameter 115 mm – 4.5” | Sorma KGS

Hook and Loop sanding discs – SAITAC VEL

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Paper hook and loop sanding disc pads  – SAITAC VEL Sanding Discs for Granite & Marble – SAIT SILICON CARBIDE PAPER

Granite Abrasive semi-rigid Discs on fibre – SAITRON Sait

36,10 54,28  Net of VAT
SAIT SAITRON semi-rigid silicon carbide discs (for granite working) Semi-rigid abrasive pads constructed with fiber support, anchored to an abrasive

Marble convex-profile silicon carbide fibre Sanding Discs- Saitdisc – Sait

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Convex-Profile Silicon Carbide Fibre sanding discs (with depressed center) for marble working Sanding disc with high abrasiveness silicon carbide, to use on

Sanding discs for grinder

Sanding Discs are made up of abrasive particles attached to a support.
The abrasive can be made of Silicon Carbide, Corundum (aluminum oxide), or Zirconium.
The support can be paper, fiber, or plastic.
These sanding discs for grinder are often equipped with a central hole or a similar system (M14 fitting) to allow them to be attached to a spindle.
These discs are used in a wide range of applications such as grinding, sanding, cleaning, polishing, and preparation of surfaces in various industries like stoneworking, woodworking, ceramics, and metalworking. They can be used in both wet and dry conditions.

Common types of sanding discs for grinders include:

  • Diamond Flap Discs (ceramics and granite)
    Diamond flap discs are used for heavy material removal or grinding a surface down. Such discs remove surface materials, burrs, and other imperfections
    They are grinder sanding discs suitable for very hard materials such as ceramics and granite. Of course, it’s possible to use them also on marble and glass.
    Diamond Flap discs are available in size 115 mm (4,5 in)
    For sale on amastone: Hybrid Diamond flap discs Ø115 mm – 4.5 in diamond flap discs
  • Silicon Carbide Cloth Flap Discs (Marble and Stone)
    Silicon carbide flap discs are used as grinding sanding discs but only for soft materials such as natural stone, marble, concrete, and building materials.
    For sale on amastone: SAITLAM PN flap discs
    Available in sizes: 115 mm 4.5 in / 125 mm 5 in / 150 mm 6 in / 180 mm 7 in
  • Hook & Loop Discs – Sandpaper (Marble and Stone)
    Hook and loop abrasive paper discs are made of full resin-bonded silicon carbide abrasive paper.
    Sandpapers are used for sanding marble, wood, fiberglass, and parquet (not suitable for hard materials such as granite and ceramics). Excellent finishing.
    For sale on amastone: SAITAC-VEL Hook and Loop Sanding Paper Disc
  • Silicon Carbide Sanding Discs (Marble and Stone)
    Silicon carbide fiber sanding disc with high abrasive power, suitable for sanding marble and building materials. Not suitable for very hard materials. Excellent finishing and long life.
    For sale on amastone: Convex Profile Silicon Carbide Fibre sanding discs (with depressed center) Size 180 mm ( 7 in) or Flat Silicon Carbide Fiber sanding discs Size 115 mm (4.5 in)
  • Semi-Flexible Silicon Carbide Discs (Granite)
    Abrasive semi-rigid discs are made with a special fiber backing with an abrasive layer of silicon carbide grit, bonded together by synthetic resins, which are very durable.
    For sanding granite, ceramics, marbles, and building materials (bricks)
    For sale on amastone: SAITRON SAIT Discs.
    Sizes: 115 mm (4.5 in) and 180 mm (7 in)

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