Electrospindle reconditioning, Diamond tools redressing, Tool making, tool holders cones and suction cups on design


We provide a dedicated repair and inspection service for spindles and electrospindles. Thanks to the collaboration with our reconditioning centers we can repair electrospindles of any brand such as Saccardo, Elte, VEM and for any type of CNC machine. We are able to offer a quick and precise electrospindle maintenance service. Just call or write to us:

Before Reconditioning
Functional Test
After Reconditioning


Redressing tool service to extend the life of your current profile wheels and save you money.
We provide diamond tools redressing service for any brands. For example, we can redress both ADI tools and Nicolai Diamant tools as well. With the profile wheels rework, you can save a lot of money compared to the purchase of a new set and many customers prefer to redressing the tools several times until the tool body is still in good condition.

If you need to rework diamond wheels, first send us the list of the profile wheels and the types, so that we can quote the redressing work. In case of confirmation, you will have to send us the used wheels and generally, within 10/15 working days, we can send them back to you refurbished and rectified. Call or write to us:

Cnc Tools Redressing
Redressing Granite Wheels
Before Redressing Granite Wheels
After Redressing Granite Wheels


We can build diamond tools based on your drawing. We make tools exactly as you need to have. We build both electroplated and sintered diamond tools as well. Of course, if you don’t have your drawing for the tool we would be happy to advise you on custom made tools for your special applications. Call or write to us:

Customized Diamond Tools
Customized Diamond Tools
Customized Diamond Tools


We can also provide special and custom made tool holders cones for any application. If you need a special tool holder cone because the fitting tool is not standard or beacuse the size you need is not in the catalog, contact us. Call or write to us:

Special Tool Holders Cones And Adapters For Cnc


We are experts in suction cups for CNC machines and for this reason we often receive requests for offers for the production of special tailored suction cups.

Special suction cups are often different from the standard one in the catalog for their height or for their size.

In the photos below you can see a square suction cup 70 x 70 cm and a height of 70 cm, and you can also see a very large suction cup which is actually the composition of 5 rectangular suction cups on a single base.

This solution has allowed us to create only the special tailored base and to use the standard suction cups with vulcanized rubber, it guaranteeing the same level of quality as the catalog solutions. Call or write to us:

Special Suction Cups For Cnc Working Centers
Special Suction Cups For Cnc Working Centers

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