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Tapered Button Bits for quarry granite drilling – Redroc

18,90 20,30  Net of VAT
Widia Tapered Button Bit for quarry granite drilling – “Redroc” Quarry drill bits Redroc tapered button bits are used on quarry

PCD drill bit Stratapax for stone quarry machines

980,00  Net of VAT
Stratapax PCD bit for marble quarry machines These PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond Bit) drill bits are also known as “Stratapax” or “Diapax”.

PCD plates for quarry machines – Stratapax

25,60 29,00  Net of VAT
PCD plates for quarry machines – Stratapax Polycrystalline plates for chain quarry machines, for cutting and punching. Application: marble. Typically

Hydraulic Crimping Pliers HT45 for Diamond Wire Saw

871,00  Net of VAT
Hydraulic Crimping Pliers for Diamond Wire Saw Force developed: 50 kN Rated operating pressure: 600 bar Type of action: Crimp

Diamond wire for single wire saw machines

580,00 1.193,50  Net of VAT
Diamond wires for marble and granite single wire saws Diamond wires to be used on single wire machines for cutting

Diamond Stone Quarry Belts

4.020,00  Net of VAT
Diamond Stone Quarry Belts High quality diamond belt used in the stone quarrying industry. Thanks to the special composition this strap

Blade for splitting machines

54,00  Net of VAT
Blade for splitting machines Blades (or teeth, or stone knives for splitting machines) compatible with the most popular splitting machines

Diamond Wires and PCD quarry tools

Range of tools used for block-squaring by diamond wire saw, quarry rock drill bits and polycrystalline bits