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PCD plates for quarry machines – Stratapax

$28,94$32,79 Net of VAT
PCD plates for quarry machines – Stratapax Polycrystalline plates for chain quarry machines, for cutting and punching. Application: marble. Typically

Hydraulic Crimping Pliers HT45 for Diamond Wire Saw

$984,74 Net of VAT
Hydraulic Crimping Pliers for Diamond Wire Saw Force developed: 50 kN Rated operating pressure: 600 bar Type of action: Crimp

Diamond wire for single wire saw machines

$944,26$1.104,01 Net of VAT
Diamond wires for marble and granite single wire saws Diamond wires to be used on single wire machines for cutting

Diamond Stone Quarry Belts

$4.544,94 Net of VAT
Diamond Stone Quarry Belts High quality diamond belt used in the stone quarrying industry. Thanks to the special composition this strap

Blade for splitting machines

$56,53 Net of VAT
Blade for splitting machines Blades (or teeth, or stone knives for splitting machines) compatible with the most popular splitting machines

Diamond Wires and Belts