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Manual concrete block splitter Blockut – Montolit

424,80  Net of VAT
 Manual Paving block cutter – Paving splitter Montolit Blockut Blockut is a manual splitter with a patented mechanism to develop a

Miter Saw 45° cuts – Manta JR Basic

19.000,00 21.160,00  Net of VAT
Miter Saw “Manta JR Basic” – Nuova Mondial Mec Manta JR Basic Nuova Mondial Mec is a cutter with a

Montolit F1 BROOKLYN, Wet Table Saw

2.000,00 3.200,00  Net of VAT
Wet table saw F1 BROOKLYN – Montolit Montolit is a brand of tile-cutting tools and equipment, and the Brooklyn is

FLASH LINE FL3 tile cutting system – Montolit

463,50  Net of VAT
FlashLine3 large format porcelain tiles cutter – Montolit Flash Line FL3 is a complete manual cutting system for Porcelain slabs and

Montolit Masterpiuma P5 Tile Cutter

318,10 781,80  Net of VAT
Montolit Masterpiuma P5 Score & Snap Tile cutter Montolit Masterpiuma P5 score and snap tile cutter is available in 5 different

Portable Router Master 3500 – Marmoelettromeccanica

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Portable Tile saws for building materials

1.414,00 1.978,00  Net of VAT
Tile saws for building materials and stone – Adriatica Tile saws for cutting building materials, bricks, floor tiles, and stone.