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Rolling Kneeboard for tilers – Amastone

50,00  Net of VAT
Rolling Kneeboard  -Kneepad protector with 360º swivel wheels (ideal for tilers) – Amastone Knee pad protector equipped with 5 swivel

Polyurethane kneepads for tilers – Amastone

15,50  Net of VAT
Polyurethane knee Pads for tilers – Amastone A pair of polyurethane kneepads designed for tilers and landscapers. Knee pads for

Tiler Knee Pads with gusset and sponge

23,00  Net of VAT
Kneepads with gusset and sponge lining for tilers – Amastone These kneepads, equipped with a gusset and internal sponge lining,

Arm rubber protection for grinders

46,80  Net of VAT
Arm rubber protection for grinders Resistant and waterproof rubber protective glove for angle grinders

Stone Fabrication Protective Aprons

6,00 16,00  Net of VAT
Stone Fabrication Protective Aprons Professional Stone Fabrication Protective Aprons. 2 models available: Tearproof heavy Apron (90×120 cm) PVC waterproof Apron

Moldex Classic series 2045 FFP2 dust Mask – 20 pcs

77,38  Net of VAT
Moldex Classic Series 2045 FFP2 NR D dust masks (pack of 20 pcs) Moldex Classic Series 2045 FFP2 NR D

Polycarbonate Face Shield

9,90  Net of VAT
Polycarbonate Face Shield It protects the face and eyes against splashes and sprays, it is perfectly transparent also giving good

Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment Spare Parts

PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, are essential tools to ensure workplace safety. They serve to protect workers from risks and injuries during their tasks, helping to prevent accidents and health damage. Among the main PPE:

  • Knee Pads for Tilers: They shield knees from impacts and pressures, providing support during tasks that require prolonged kneeling, such as those of pavers.
  • Rubber Arm Guards for Stone Fabricators: Waterproof and cut-resistant, these protections are crucial for stonemasons, offering a barrier against cuts and harmful liquids during stone processing.
  • Waterproof Protective Aprons for Stone Fabricators: Crucial for stonemasons, these aprons guard against liquids and chemicals during work, ensuring a safe and hygienic working environment.