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Professional Vacuum Cleaner for dust and liquids MT-HOOV – Montolit

409,00  Net of VAT
Vacuum Cleaner 1200W 50L for dust and liquids MT-HOOV – Montolit MT-HOOV is a professional vacuum cleaner for dust and

Moto Flash Line SH 2 Dry Cutting Hand Saw System – Montolit

600,00 760,00  Net of VAT
Moto Flash Line SH 2 Dry Cutting Hand Saw System- Montolit Moto Flash Line 2 SH is the new motorized

Mondrillo Diamond Countersink Tool FPS – Montolit

97,50 179,40  Net of VAT
FPS Montolit Mondrillo diamond countersink tool – M14 fitting Mondrillo diamond countersink tool to use in dry or wet mode

Montolit Table-One Extendable Work Table

630,00  Net of VAT
Montolit Extendable Cutting Table For Large Format Tiles – Table-One Lenght 180 cm (70 inches) Table One workbench for tilers

Hybrid CN diamond flap discs – KGS

37,90 38,90  Net of VAT
Hybrid CN diamond flap discs for stone, ceramics, and glass edge grinding – Ø115 mm – KGS NEW DIAMOND FLAP

Mixer 50 Super universal mixer – Battipav

624,00  Net of VAT
Mixer 50 S universal mixer – Battipav Professional electric mixer for the building industry, ideal for mixing floor glue, epoxy

Hand Mixer MiniMix – Battipav

123,50  Net of VAT
Battipav MINI_Mix 1300  Professional Hand mixer Professional hand mixer for mixing tile adhesives, plaster, cement, chalk, and paint.  With electronic

MIXIT Professional mixer – Battipav

507,00  Net of VAT
MIXIT Professional mixer Mixit 65L with cart and bucket – Battipav MIXIT Battipav is a professional mixer that is ideal

Diamond drill bit FAJ – Montolit

22,20 109,00  Net of VAT
Diamond drill bit FAJ – Montolit FAJ Montolit diamond drill bits to drill a wide range of materials, including ceramics,

Diamond Glass Core Drill bit FAV – Montolit

129,00 198,00  Net of VAT
Montolit FAV series drill bit for Glass and Soft Ceramic Tiles – M16 fitting A continuous diamond crown drill bit

Slider-45° Cutting Guard – Mechanic

54,86  Net of VAT
Cutting guard Slider 45X115-125 2.0 for miter cutting – Mechanic Cutting guard Slider for angle grinders ideal for cutting tiles

Glass tile cutting blade Cermont CPV – Montolit

94,00 201,24  Net of VAT
Glass tile cutting blade Cermont CPV – Montolit The CPV continuous rim diamond blade is ideal for wet-cutting glass tiles, glass

Montolit tile nibbler

52,00  Net of VAT
Professional nibbler for tilers – Montolit This carbon steel nipper is capable of making small precise cuts on stoneware. Designed

Mosakit rubber mosaic pad – Montolit

56,00  Net of VAT
Rubber mosaic pad Mosakit – Montolit Rubber pad to be applied to a standard manual tile cutter. It allows to

TOPROFILE Diamond Profile Wheels – Montolit

157,00 205,00  Net of VAT
TOPROFILE Diamond Profile Wheels – Montolit TOPOFRILE Diamond vacuum-brazed wheels are designed to be used with the Toprofile Montolit machine.

MiniMontolit Evolution 2 tile cutter – Montolit

51,00 146,00  Net of VAT
Minimontolit  Evolution 2 manual tile cutter – Montolit Minimontolit Evolution 2 is a small-dimension tile cutter specially designed for DIY

AirCHASER cutting and chasing guard for angle grinder – Mechanic

59,04 66,96  Net of VAT
Cutting and chasing guard for angle grinder – Mechanic The simplest way to stop dust from an angle grinder is

Montolit Masterpiuma push handle

81,00 85,00  Net of VAT
Montolit Masterpiuma push handle – Montolit Montolit incision handle is available in two versions, based on the Masterpiuma model in

Scoring wheel lube oil – Montolit

7,30  Net of VAT
Scoring wheel lube oil – Montolit for tile cutters Montolit Scoring wheel lube oil for Montolit tile cutter wheels. Pack

Titanium wheel for Masterpiuma – Montolit

7,00 9,00  Net of VAT
Titanium wheel for Masterpiuma – Montolit Titanium wheel for Montolit tile cutter models: Masterpiuma, Piuma, Minipiuma, Minimontolit Diameter 14mm

Electric profile beveling machine – ToProfile Montolit

585,00 590,00  Net of VAT
Electric profile beveling machine 115V or 220V – ToProfile Montolit Professional profiler to perform 45º jolly, chamfers, and profiles on

Tile Suction Cup – Geco Montolit

104,00  Net of VAT
Tile Suction Cup – Geco Montolit  Ø 220 mm capacity 125 kg The Geco Montolit tile suction cup comes with

Electric water-colled Stone and Tile drilling machine “Bimbo” – Montolit

990,00 1.010,00  Net of VAT
Electric water-colled Stone and Tile drilling machine “Bimbo” – Montolit The Montolit Bimbo drilling machine is an electric water driller

Montolit wet blind-hole Drill Bits for rotary drills

41,00 67,00  Net of VAT
Montolit MU – wet blind hole non-Coring Drill Bits Diamond core bits for wet use with a rotary drill. Ideal

Cutting Guide for angle grinder – TutorCut Montolit

36,00 37,00  Net of VAT
Montolit TutorCut – Cutting Support Guide for Angle Grinder How do you cut perfectly straight with an angle grinder? Use

Cooling paste for diamond drill bits – Mondrillo Performer Montolit

14,00  Net of VAT
Cooling paste for diamond drill bits – Montolit Mondrillo Performer “Mondrillo Performer” Diamond Core and drill bits Coolant – Montolit

Diamond core-bits for dry drilling – FTJ Killer Gres Junior Montolit

36,00 188,00  Net of VAT
FTJ Killer Gres Junior diamond core bits for drill – Montolit The “Killer Gres Junior” diamond core bits for drills

1A1R EDGE Blade for ceramic miter cuts on table saws – Distar

67,20 90,78  Net of VAT
Blade for miter cuts (45 degrees) for ceramic and porcelain stoneware for cutting machines – 1A1R EDGE Distar The 1A1R

Montolit XAMURAY Continuous rim diamond tile blade

56,00 150,00  Net of VAT
Montolit XAMURAY Continuous rim diamond tile blade Montolit Xamuray Tile Blades are ideal for cutting ceramic, porcelain stoneware, marble, and

Montolit DNA Sector SCX Blade for Wet Saw – Montolit

102,00 335,00  Net of VAT
Montolit Sector DNA SCX Diamond Blade for Wet Saw for Porcelain and Ceramic cutting- Montolit The Montolit SCX diamond blade

Montolit Turmont TCS cutting bladeBlade

25,00 35,00  Net of VAT
MONTOLIT Turmont Continuous Rim Blade for fast cuts on ceramic with angle grinders Montolit Turmont is a continuous-rim diamond blade

FLEXIMONT Montolit Diamond Flap Discs

68,00 70,00  Net of VAT
FLEXIMONT diamond Flap discs – grinding wheels – Montolit make Diamond flap discs by Montolit to smooth, grind, make jolly,

Montolit F1 BROOKLYN, Wet Table Saw

2.408,00 3.784,00  Net of VAT
Wet table saw F1 BROOKLYN – Montolit Montolit is a brand of tile-cutting tools and equipment, and the Brooklyn is

SUPERLIFT Handling system for large tiles – Montolit

1.344,00  Net of VAT
SUPERLIFT Handling system for large tiles – Montolit A modular frame for handling last-generation slabs that are now becoming bigger

Makita Cordless Hammer Driver drill DHP453RFE

174,90  Net of VAT
Cordless LXT battery-powered hammer driver drill DHP453RFE – Makita Makita battery-powered percussion drill ideal for screwing and drilling applications with

FlashLine tile cutting system FL3 – Montolit

461,00  Net of VAT
FlashLine3 large format porcelain tiles cutter – Montolit Flash Line FL3 is a complete manual cutting system for Porcelain slabs and

Montolit Mondrillo FS Diamond core bits for Angle Grinder

44,00 302,00  Net of VAT
Diamond core bits for dry drilling “MONDRILLO FS” for angle grinder – Montolit FS Mondrillo diamond core bits are designed to

“Freccia oro” CGX angle grinder diamond blade for porcelain – Montolit

44,00 48,00  Net of VAT
“Freccia oro” CGX angle grinder diamond blade for porcelain – Montolit Grinder diamond blade for extreme cutting speed The CGX115 “Freccia Oro”

“Progres” angle grinder hard-ceramics cutting blade – Montolit

40,00 44,00  Net of VAT
“Progres” angle grinder ceramics cutting blade – Montolit Continuous rim diamond blade for cutting porcelain stoneware and hard ceramics. The

Montolit Killer Gres FTS diamond core drill bit for Angle Grinder

75,00 198,00  Net of VAT
Montolit Killer Gres FTS diamond core drill bit for angle grinder Diamond drill bit for grinders with M14 fitting “KILLER


We offer a comprehensive range of tools and equipment for professional tilers. From tile cutters to drill bits we provide everything you need to make precise cuts and achieve a perfect finish every time.
Our selection includes Manual tile cutter, Electric table saw, Diamond drill bits for ceramic, Portable electric vacuum lifters, Vibrating suction cup, and many more products

Here are three aspects to consider when choosing the best tilers tools:

  1. Quality and durability: Tiling requires precision and accuracy. When choosing tilers tools it’s important to look for professional products made from durable materials that are designed to last
  2. Easy of use ad versatility: Tiling involves working with different types of tiles and in various locations, and the best tilers tools should be easy to use and versatile. Get tools that are easy to handle and move.
  3. Safety features: Tiling involves working with sharp and heavy tools that can be dangerous if not properly used. The professional tools have safety features that minimize the risk of injury, choose tools that are designed to keep the user safe while working