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CNC Glass Cutting Milling and Bits (8)

Glass grinding wheels (9)

Peripheral Glass Grinding and Polishing Wheels (23)

Glass Drill Bits and Countersink Drill Bits (9)

CNC Glass Tools

Horizontal CNC machines, Vertical CNC Machines, Double-edgers, and Straight-line edging machines tools – Glass 

A wide range of professional Diamut glass-processing tools. 

You can purchase all kinds of glass tools directly online to carry out various processes such as drilling, engraving, writing, shaping, edge finishing, polishing, and so on. 

Based on the type of machine  

Find tools for various glass-processing machines: 

  • Tools for machines horizontal CNC machines (such as Intermac Master, CMS, Denver, and Bavelloni) 
  • Tools for vertical CNC machines – (such as the Intermac Vertmax series) 
  • Tools for double-edger machines (also called CNC double-edged grinding machines and systems, and glass double-edger machines such as Busetti Intermac, Bavelloni, Bottero Titan, and Glaston) 
  • Tools for Straight-line edger machines (such as Bavelloni, Lattuada, and Schiatti) 

Based on the type of processing 

  • Cutting and profiling (Milling cutters/Cutting disks and shaping mills) 
  • Drilling (Drills and counter-sinks) 
  • Writing/Engraving (Writing bits and engraving wheels) 
  • Beveling 
  • Recesses (Stubbing wheels and milling cutters) 
  • Edge processing – grinding and polishing (Cup grinding wheels and peripheral grinding wheels) 

Based on the type of profile 

Find glass-processing tools for the various profiles. The profiles can be categorized as: 

  • Flat Angle (trapezoidal profile): (FA) 
  • Pencil Edge: (PE) 
  • Flat Edge: (FE) 

Based on the type of glass 

Of course, you can also search for tools by the type of glass to be processed.  You can filter by tools for Monolithic (or float) glass and tools for Laminated glass (2 sheets of glass separated by 1 or more 0.38-mm sheets of plastic), Stratified (more than 2 layers of plastic sheets with more than 2 sheets of glass). 

Monolithic glass (also known as float glass because it is produced by flotation) is glass composed of a single sheet of varying thicknesses. Standard thicknesses for monolithic glass are: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 mm. 

Laminated glass, unlike monolithic glass, is composed of several sheets separated (and bonded) by an additional layer of PVB referred to as “plastic” in jargon. The lamination makes this type of sheet very strong, and the PVB adhesive allows the various pieces to remain together if the glass breaks. 

As with every amastone product, upon request, we can quote made-to-spec tools; contact us by email, phone, or chat.