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CNC Vacuum-brazed universal-use stubbing wheel – Amastone

110,00  Net of VAT
CNC Vacuum-brazed universal stubbing wheel Ø85×20 mm – Amastone Vacuum brazed stubbing wheel, 85 mm in diameter, with 50 mm

Electroplated cutting tool for sinks | radiused Ø85 – Marble

464,00 480,00  Net of VAT
Electroplated cutting tool for sinks – Marble Electroplated cutting tool Ø 85 x 60 mm for sink production, specifically designed

CNC Stubbing Wheels for Natural Quartzite – Nicolai

133,40 185,60  Net of VAT
CNC stubbing wheels for hard natural quartzite – Nicolai Segmented Stubbing wheels for CNC machines for making recesses on hard

Stubbing wheel for granite – Amastone

114,40 176,80  Net of VAT
CNC stubbing wheel for granite – Amastone Stubbing wheel for CNC machines for making recesses on granite. Ideal for creating

1/2 gas – M14 Granite Stubbing Wheel

101,25 136,00  Net of VAT
1/2 gas or M14 Sintered segmented stubbing wheel (and replacement head bit) for granite, quartz and engineered stone. 1/2 gas

Surface Edge Polishing Wheels OCTO Twincur EG2 – Sanwa Kenma

Sanwa Kenma OCTO Twincur EG2 Surface Edge Polishing Wheels Resinoid wheels for polishing marble, granite, agglomerates, composite materials, and ceramic
Not available

Stubbing wheel Viper for fast removing – Granite – Diamut

Granite Stubbing wheel for Granite fast removing – VIPER by Diamut For a very High-Speed work for granite and engineered
Not available

Stubbing wheel – Granite, Engineered stone – Diamut

Stubbing wheel – Granite, Engineered stone – Diamut Diamut stubbing wheel for granite and engineered stone. Available in 4 different
Not available

Stubbing wheel for heavy removal – Diamut

Stubbing wheel for heavy removal – suitable to work Granite, Engineered stone and Marble Diamut stubbing wheel for heavy removal,
Not available

CNC Electroplated stubbing wheel – Marble

112,00 304,00  Net of VAT

Segmented ball head mill – Nicolai

158,40 305,60  Net of VAT
Nicolai Finger Bit Nicolai Finger Bit
AFS60005 Ø30 L20 mm 4500-5000 200-400 mm/min
AFS60015 Ø40 L25 mm 4500-5000 200-400 mm/min
AFS60025 Ø50 L30 mm 4500-5000 200-400 mm/min

Electroplated ball head mill – Nicolai

247,20 364,80  Net of VAT
AFE60005 Ø30 L15 mm 5000-5500 200-400 mm/min
AFE60015 Ø40 L25 mm 5000-5500 200-400 mm/min
AFE60025 Ø50 L30 mm 5000-5500 200-400 mm/min

Electroplated stubbing wheel – Marble – Nicolai

158,40 367,20  Net of VAT

CNC Stubbing Wheels for Granite and Marble

Diamond stubbing wheels (also known as gauging wheels or calibration wheels) are used for surface milling, material removal (recessing and pocketing), and calibration with numerical controlled machined tools and 5-axis machines and robots on marble, granite, and engineered stone. There are many types and models of stubbing wheels to choose from.
Stubbing wheel fittings are usually flanged but 1/2-gas connections are also available for use on routing machines and for light removal.
A cone with this type of fitting or a 1/2″ gas-flange adaptor is needed for stubbing wheels having flanged connections.
The various versions of the stubbing wheels also differ based on diameter and useful cutting height.

How to choose the correct stubbing wheel?

This depends on the material to be worked, the machine, and the application.

  1. As with the other tool categories, the following rules hold true:
    Sintered wheels are used to work granite and engineered stone;
    Electroplate wheels are used for working marble and stone.
  2. If you can’t use a flanged fitting, a wheel with a 1/2 gas connection is needed.
  3. For light removal, small-diameter stubbing wheels or those with a half- gas connection can be used.
  4. If you use the stubbing wheel on 5-axis CNC 5 machines or Robots, we suggest the concave stubbing wheels.
  5. For heavy-duty material removal on granite or a high-power CNC machine, the Turbo Granite scrubbing wheels is the tool to use.

General advice on using stubbing wheels:
Stubbing wheels are very large-diameter tools (compared with finger bits or core drill bits) and for this reason, we recommend you use a plunge depth proportional to the spindle power. The plunge depth may vary from 0.5 mm for a machine with a very small spindle, such as for example a 2.2 or a 3.7Kw spindle, or up to a 5-mm plunge depth for an 11 or 15 kW electric spindle. If your CNC machine spindle is not powerful enough, we recommend a version with a half-gas connection or at least one with a small diameter.

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