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ADW iKon Ceramic Ultra Compact Surface Bridge Saw Blade

167,40 190,80  Net of VAT
ADW iKon 25 Ceramic Ultra Compact Surface Bridge Saw Blade The iKon 25 blade is specifically designed for use on

1A1R EDGE Blade for ceramic miter cuts on table saws – Distar

67,20 90,78  Net of VAT
Blade for miter cuts (45 degrees) for ceramic and porcelain stoneware for cutting machines – 1A1R EDGE Distar The 1A1R

Montolit XAMURAY Continuous rim diamond tile blade

56,00 150,00  Net of VAT
Montolit XAMURAY Continuous rim diamond tile blade Montolit Xamuray Tile Blades are ideal for cutting ceramic, porcelain stoneware, marble, and

Montolit DNA Sector SCX Blade for Wet Saw – Montolit

102,00 335,00  Net of VAT
Montolit Sector DNA SCX Diamond Blade for Wet Saw for Porcelain and Ceramic cutting- Montolit The Montolit SCX diamond blade

Ceramic blade for saws with no-variable speed “LP40F” – Diatex

96,88 163,20  Net of VAT
Ceramic cutting blade for bridge saws without inverter and for banner saws “LP40F” – Diatex LK40C is a blade suitable

STONEGLASS bridge saw blades LK39E – Diatex

162,95 204,95  Net of VAT
[email protected] bridge saw blades “LK39E” – Diatex This blade is a special tool for STONEGLASS® cutting on bridge saws and

Multi-blade ceramic cutting machine blades – Diatex

62,21  Net of VAT
Multi-blade ceramic mosaic cutting machine blades LX43R and LX39R – Diatex Professional blades for the ceramic and porcelain cutting tiles

High-speed reinforced ceramic cutting blade “Faster PRO” Ø400 – Diatex

240,97 244,28  Net of VAT
High-speed REINFORCED ceramic cutting blade “Faster PRO” Ø400 mm (16”) – Diatex SUITABLE FOR MITER CUT FASTER PRO is the

Diatex Tile-Saw Ceramic Blades

45,67 105,00  Net of VAT
Tile Saw (cutters) Ceramic Blades LB35C / KP35T / LB39 / LB40 – Diatex Diamond blade for ceramic cutting with

High-speed ceramic cutting blade “Faster” – Diatex

75,00 242,86  Net of VAT
High-speed ceramic ultra-compact surface cutting blade “Faster” – Diatex FASTER is the diamond disc developed by Diatex S.p.A. for high-speed

Sharpening bar for blades

26,00  Net of VAT
Sharpening bar for blades – Abrasive bar Make the blade cut like new again. The ABRASIVE BAR is a powerful

Diatex FORTYFIVE” 45° silent-core bridge saw blades for Laminam or Neolith

227,58 280,24  Net of VAT
“FORTYFIVE”  – the innovative blade specially developed by Diatex for clean 45° miter cuts on gres tiles, Laminam and Neolith

Diatex “MITERcut” 45° bridge saw blade for ceramics

227,58 229,58  Net of VAT
Circular “MITERcut” bridge saw blades for cutting large ceramic slabs including Dekton, Laminam, Neolith and other material for inclined cuts

Lapitec bridge saw blades “LAPIcut” – Diatex

123,16 227,58  Net of VAT
Lapitec Bridge Saw Blades “LAPIcut” – Diatex The Diatex “LAPIcut” porcelain blades are the perfect blades for Lapitec cutting. Available in

“GREScut” Ceramic Cutting bridge saw blades for Laminam, Neolith, and Porcelain – Diatex

80,32 227,58  Net of VAT
“GREScut” Ceramic/porcelain blade for Laminam, Neolith, RAK, and Porcelain slabs CERAMIC/PORCELAIN SAW BLADE The GREScut blade is certified by NEOLITH

Diatex “DEKcut” bridge saw blades for cutting Dekton

123,16 290,06  Net of VAT
Diatex “DEKcut” blades for Dekton DEKCut bridge saw blades belong to the Diatex POKERLine family used to make super-clean cuts

Diamond Bridge Saw blades for cutting Ceramic, Porcelain, Sintered and Ultra-compact surfaces

High-quality diamond blades for cutting ceramic slabs and large-format tiles and pieces.
We offer made-in-Italy Diatex Blades designed for cutting ceramic slabs, porcelain, and ultra-compact surfaces.

While quartz (blades for quartz) remains the most popular hard surface for kitchens, porcelains have been gaining market share, especially as an increasing number of fabricators are successfully getting to grips with processing the large format slabs used for kitchen worktops.
Porcelain surfaces are sometimes described as ceramic, sintered, compact or ultra-compact materials. They blend ceramic clays, mineral colorings and natural materials by compressing them,(sintering and thats because sintered materials) and then firing them.

Laminam (porcelain), Dekton, Lapitec, Neolith, and similar ceramic-based slabs (Large ceramic slabs) are made in sizes larger than 3 meters, and thanks to their considerable wear resistance, they are now the most upscale material for making kitchen tops and fronts. They are gaining in popularity as solid surfaces, facades, siding, and flooring, but are notoriously difficult to cut.
The production process used to manufacture these materials is known as sintering, a special procedure that transforms the raw materials on a molecular level. Sintering consists of heat-treating pulverized mixtures of inert materials compacted at high pressure. It causes the powder granules to fuse together, thus eliminating porosity and increasing the density of the components, creating a highly resistant material.

Choose the right blade, for quicker, cheaper, and more precise cutting.

The definitive guide to choosing ceramic cutting blades for bridge saws, tile saws, and cutting machines

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