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High-speed reinforced ceramic cutting blade “Faster PRO” Ø400 – Diatex

$266,24$269,90 Net of VAT
High-speed REINFORCED ceramic cutting blade “Faster PRO” Ø400 mm (16”) – Diatex SUITABLE FOR MITER CUT FASTER PRO is the

Tile Saw Ceramic Blades LB39/LB40 – Diatex

$50,46$68,74 Net of VAT
Tile Saw (cutters) Ceramic Blades LB39/LB40 – Diatex Diamond blade for ceramic cutting with low power portable machines, such as

High-speed ceramic cutting blade “Faster” – Diatex

$93,97$268,33 Net of VAT
High-speed ceramic cutting blade “Faster” – Diatex FASTER is the diamond disc developed by Diatex S.p.A. for high-speed cutting of

Sharpening bar for blades

$30,16 Net of VAT
Sharpening bar for blades Make the blade cut like new again. Rubbing stone blocks for sharpening, dressing diamond blades. This

Diatex FORTYFIVE” 45° silent-core bridge saw blades for Laminam or Neolith

$251,45$309,63 Net of VAT
“FORTYFIVE”  – the innovative blade specially developed by Diatex for clean 45° miter cuts on gres tiles, Laminam and Neolith

Diatex “MITERcut” 45° bridge saw blade for ceramics

$251,45 Net of VAT
Circular “MITERcut” bridge saw blades for cutting large ceramic slabs including Dekton, Laminam, Neolith and other material for inclined cuts

Lapitec bridge saw blades “LAPIcut” – Diatex

$88,75$251,45 Net of VAT
Lapitec Bridge Saw Blades “LAPIcut” – Diatex The Diatex “LAPIcut” porcelain blades are the perfect blades for Lapitec cutting. Available in

Diatex “GREScut” bridge saw blades for Laminam, Neolith, and Porcelain

$88,75$251,45 Net of VAT
“GREScut” bridge saw and cutters for Laminam, Neolith, RAK, and Porcelain gres “GREScut” is another member of the Poker line

Diatex “DEKcut” bridge saw blades for cutting Dekton

$88,75$320,48 Net of VAT
Diatex “DEKcut” blades for Dekton DEKCut bridge saw blades belong to the Diatex POKERLine family used to make super-clean cuts

Continuous rim blade for ceramic “Elite Cut GS2” – Diamant Boart

$46,59$140,70 Net of VAT
Continuous rim blade for cutting porcelain and ceramic tiles – Diamant Boart Diamant Boart bridge saw blades (discs) for ceramic cutting

Diamond blades for cutting ceramic slabs

High-quality diamond blades for cutting ceramic slabs and large-format tiles and pieces.

Large ceramic slabs are made in sizes larger than 3 meters, and thanks to their considerable wear resistance, they are now the most upscale material for making kitchen tops and fronts.
The production process used to manufacture these materials is known as sintering, a special procedure that transforms the raw materials on a molecular level. Sintering consists of heat-treating pulverized mixtures of inert materials compacted at high pressure. It causes the powder granules to fuse together, thus eliminating porosity and increasing the density of the components, creating a highly resistant material.

Are you in the market for blades to cut large ceramic slabs that don’t cause chipping? Specifically designed diamond blades are necessary for such innovative and special materials.
Diatex Spa is the leader in this field. Their POKERLine is a family of blades designed to cut large ceramic slabs. Blades are available in various diameters from 350 mm (12″) to 450 mm(16″).

Ceramic blades – straight cuts
This category includes the POKERLine bridge saw blades for cutting material such as Laminam, Dekton, and Lapicut.

Ceramic blades – 45° miter cuts
We have special blades with a reinforced core for 45° miter cuts that result in a very clean cut.
The MITERcut model is ideal for making 45° cuts on large slabs up to 12 mm thick whereas the Fortyfive blades are recommended for 45° miter cuts on slabs up to 20 mm thick.

Thes best blades on the market in terms of quality and cutting speed. Large slab blades are available for different diameters and come with standard or silent core.

Choose the right blade, for quicker, cheaper, and more precise cutting.

To choose the correct blade, the product page for each disk provides the suggested parameters of rotational speed and linear cutting speed.

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