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Segmented finger bits 1/2″ GAS fitting

53,42 352,94  Net of VAT
CNC Segmented finger bits for granite  – 1/2″ GAS fitting – amastone Sintered finger bits with 1/2″ GAS connection for

CNC Electroplated core drill bits – Marble – Diamar

64,00 188,80  Net of VAT
Electroplated CNC Core Bits for Marble and Stone – Diamar Core bits for marble drilling with CNC machines. The connection

Continuous rim core drill bits for ceramic – Diamut

Continuous rim core drill bits for ceramic – Diamut Diamut red line CNC core drill for ceramic. Diameters available from
Not available

Dekton® Continuous rim core drill bits – Diamut

Dekton® Continuous rim core drill bits – Diamut Diamut red line Core drill bits dedicated to hole Dekton® ceramic slabs.
Not available

Granite Blind hole drill bits 1/2 Gas fitting – Diamut

Blind hole drill bits with 1/2 Gas fitting. Ideal for Granite – Diamut Diamut blind hole drill bits for granite
Not available

Continuous rim core drill bits – Granite – Diamut

Granite Continuous rim core drill bits  for Granite, Engineered Stone – Diamut These continuous rim core bits come with a
Not available

Granite Segmented Core Drill Bits – Diamut

Segmented core drill bits for Granite and Engineered stone – Diamut Granite segmented core drill bits for granite and hard
Not available

Continuous rim core drill bits – Lapitec, Dekton, Neolith – Diatex

35,70 120,48  Net of VAT
Continuous rim core drill bit for Lapitec, Dekton, Neolith This Continuous rim core bit is suggested when you need a highly

Continuous rim core bits – Ceramic, Gres – Nicolai

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Nicolai - Ceramic finger bit - Ceramic Suggested parameters for the various models:
APF11011CER Ø11 X 55/95 mm 2500-3000 50-100 mm/min
APF11015CER Ø15 X 55/95 mm 2500-3000 50-100 mm/min
APF11016CER Ø16 X 55/95 mm 2500-3000 50-100 mm/min
APF11022CER Ø22 X 55/95 mm 2600 50-100 mm/min
APF11035CER Ø35 X 55/95 mm 2200 40-50 mm/min

CNC Blind-Hole Bits for Granite and Ceramic – Nicolai

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Core Drill Bits and Non-core Drill Bits for CNC Machines

We offer diamond core drill bits to make through holes or blind holes with CNC Machines or Manual Contouring Machines.

If you are looking for Angle Grinders tools visit the category: Granite and Marble Drill Bits for angle grinders 

Our diamond drill bits are specifically designed to work with marble, granite, ceramic, quartz, lava stone, and engineered stones.
All drill bits in this section are for wet applications.
We have a vast array of bits to choose from. 
As with the other types of diamond tools used in the stone working industry use:
  1. sintered drill bits for hard stone, granite, and quartz
  2. electroplated  drill bits for marble and soft stone
  3. segmented ring drill bits for granite, and engineered stone
  4. continuous ring drill bits for a smooth holing
These high-quality core drill bits are made in Italy by Nicolai Diamant with the highest quality diamonds in the industry. For this reason, they last longer, don’t blow out the bottom of the stone and cut faster.

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These tools are tested and approved for machines such as Breton, CMC-Brembana, OMAG, Poseidon, and many other machines.
For tools of special size or shape, don’t hesitate to contact us; we supply customized tools upon request