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Bidese/Breton – Safety nut for wiresaw machines

280,00  Net of VAT
Bidese/Breton  – Safety nut for wire saw Replacement safety nut for Bidese/Breton wire saws You may be interested also in:

Rubber Profile Bidese/Breton 1000mm-flywheels

104,90  Net of VAT
Rubber Profile (seal, gasket) for Bidese/Breton 1000 mm diameter flywheels Special Rubber Liner to protect single-wire flywheels. It’s the rubber

Carter hinges – Pellegrini

69,00  Net of VAT
Pellegrini single-wire fiberglass door hinge (DF2000 and DF25000) Original Pellegrini Meccanica hinges for single wire fiberglass doors Each door needs

Hub for Bidese multiwire Flywheel

120,00  Net of VAT
Hub for Bidese multiwire Flywheel Hub for tensioner wheels of Bidese granite multiwires. The hub is made of 3 parts.

Trolley arm for encoder wheel in Pellegrini trolley

629,00  Net of VAT
Trolley arm for encoder wheel in Pellegrini trolley Support used for the installation of the wheel and the encoder on

Hydraulic crimping pliers HT45 for diamond wire – Cembre

899,00  Net of VAT

Note: The pliers are sold with a carrying case but without any dies

Wheel and shaft for wire saw columns DF – Pellegrini

499,00  Net of VAT
Wheel and shaft for wire saw columns DF – Pellegrini Meccanica Wheel installed in columns for the raise and fall

Flat liners flywheel Seals

18,30 94,90  Net of VAT
Flat liners for flywheel Seals Strips/gaskets “Band” generally used as a protection gasket for single wire saw flywheels: Liner 34

Aluminium flywheel for Pellegrini DF2000 wiresaw

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    Bidese – Safety nut for Bidese Falcon monoblade

    130,00  Net of VAT
    Bidese – Safety nut for Falcon monoblade Internal diameter: 50 mm External diameter: 77 mm Height: 60 mm

    QEM – Panel meters MC235.01T for Pellegrini wire saw

    329,00  Net of VAT
    QEM – Panel meters MC235.01T for Pellegrini wire saw Simple and reliable measure display for incremental encoders. Manufacturer: QEM. Made

    Encoder Eltra

    211,50 260,00  Net of VAT
    Incremental Encoder Eltra In the sector of industrial machinery for stone processing, there is a large use of Eltra incremental

    Hub for aluminium guide wheel 350 mm for wire saw Bidese-Breton

    210,00  Net of VAT
    The hub for the aluminum guide wheel 350 mm for Bidese/Breton wiresaw Spare parts for Bidese/Breton wiresaw machines

    Bidese – Aluminum guide wheel for wire saw

    195,00 235,00  Net of VAT
    Aluminum guide wheel from 350 mm and 230 mm for wire saw It’s the wheel used in Bidese/Breton single wire saw.

    Bidese – Aluminum flywheel 1000 mm for wire saw – complete with rubber liner

    1.000,00  Net of VAT
    Aluminum flywheel 1000 mm for wire saw – complete with rubber liner 1000 mm diameter flywheel typically used on single

    Pellegrini – Pin for guide wheel Ø 170 mm

    40,00  Net of VAT
    Pellegrini – Pin for guide wheel Ø 170 mm Pin for guide aluminum wheel diameter 170mm of Pellegrini wiresaw machine.

    Pellegrini – Safety nut for DF2000 wire saw

    110,00  Net of VAT
    Safety nut for Pellegrini DF2000 Wire Saw

    Lead Nut for wire saw

    369,00 409,00  Net of VAT
    Lead Nuts compatible with Wire Saw (Pellegrini, Bidese, Breton) Brass Lead-nut installed on the slave side and on the motor

    Aluminum guide wheel Ø 170 / 300 / 385 for wire saw

    215,00 339,30  Net of VAT
    Small aluminum flywheel dia 170 / 300 / 385 mm – guide wheel for single wire saw Pellegrini The guide wheels

    Resin ring for guide wheel Ø 170 / 300 / 385 / 400 mm (compatible pellegrini)

    39,90 69,90  Net of VAT
    Resin rings compatible for small flywheel dia 170 / 300 / 385 / 400 mm High-quality resin rings for Pellegrini single wire

    Rubber liner for flywheel (Pellegrini compatible)

    114,40 140,80  Net of VAT
    Rubber liner compatible with the main flywheel Pellegrini DF2000 / DF2500 This rubber is used for the protection and for

    Encoder wheel 200×45 mm for wire saw (Pellegrini compatible)

    99,00  Net of VAT
    Polyurethane encoder wheel 200×45 mm Encoder wheel compatible with Pellegrini DF2000 wire saw

    Pellegrini Parts

    Spare parts for Pellegrini Meccanica wiresaws. You can find spare parts for the popular wiresaw models DF2000 / DF2500 (compatible or original) and for the Profile and Robot wire machines. We know very well Pellegrini Machines because we have reconditioned a lot of wiresaws in our reconditioning center. Please don’t hesitate to use our technical assistance, we are happy to help you.
    In this category you can buy online Pellegrini parts like rise and fall nuts, guide wheels, resin rings or rubber liners.
    These listed Pellegrini parts are the main consumables that clients ask us for their machines. For other parts, or for electrical components (potentiometers, manometers, speed meters, Rowan electronic cards..), please call us or contact us by email 

    Bidese Parts

    Bidese Impianti (acquired from Breton spa in 2011)  is one of the most famous manufacturers of single wire saws, monoblades and multiwire gangsaws for the stone cutting.  Here you can find Bidese parts as flywheels, guide wheels, rubber liners and raise and fall nuts for all Bidese machines.

    It’s suggested to contact us at  providing the serial number of the machine in order to select the right part for your Bidese machine.

    Flywheel Liners

    Liners in rubber or polyurethane are basically sealed in flywheels and guide wheels of wire cutting machines. Flywheel liners protect aluminum wheels against the diamond wire and they are available in different types for shapes (ring, flat, V-shaped) and sizes.
    For further information or special request don’t hesitate to contact us: