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Plastic Replacement for metal funeral vases – Comil Plast

$3,96$7,12 Net of VAT
Plastic replacement for metal funeral vases Plastic replacement for round-bases metal funeral bases for several diameters. These replacements pieces are

Ossuary-vase liners – Comil Plast

$3,17$3,80 Net of VAT
Ossuary-vase liners Circular- or square-base plastic ossuary liners. Plastic (polypropylene) liners suitable for various ossuary vessels and cemetery orchid holders.

Vase Liners – Comil Plast

$3,17$8,71 Net of VAT
Vase Liners – Plastic “cups” for monumentary vases Plastic Vase Liners (polypropylene) suitable for different flower vases for cemeteries. For

Cemetery accessories

Funeral-art and cemetery accessories, products for sacred-art stone workers.
This category includes vase liners, plastic trays, ossuary vases, and more. We offer products of various shapes and sizes compatible with the various grave vases on the market.