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Cross pointer Laser Z-Laser

$320,55 Net of VAT
Cross laser with adjustable focal length This industrial cross laser is manufactured by Z-Laser generates 2 perpendicular red line segments

Positioning Laser ZM18 Z-Laser

$409,59$463,02 Net of VAT
30mW ZM18 Positioning Laser by Z-Laser 30 mW Model ZM18 Positioning laser Z-Laser with a red or green line. The German company

Positioning Laser – Amastone 30 mW

$249,32$356,17 Net of VAT
Industrial Positioning Laser – Amastone 30 mW 30mW Industrial line laser, made in Italy. These Line projecting lasers are available

Green Alignment Laser Line 30mW / 50mW – Mini

$296,81$320,55 Net of VAT
Green Alignment Laser Line 30mW / 50mW – Mini Green Alignment Laser line for bridge saws with an OSRAM diode

Red Alignment Laser Line 130mW – Big

$338,36 Net of VAT
Red Alignment Laser Line for alignment and positioning – 130mW This is the “big model” of our available Red Guideline

Red/Green Alignment Laser Line – Amastone

$245,76$320,55 Net of VAT
Red/Green Line-Laser for bridge saw alignment This small, powerful alignment laser has a 10-cm housing and 2.6-cm diameter. It is

Positioning, Alignment, and Cross Lasers

Linear and cross lasers for positioning and aligning workpieces on bridge saws, fabrication centers, and machine tools. Amastone offers two types of positioning lasers: alignment lasers and cross lasers 

Linear alignment lasers

A linear alignment laser (also known as positioning laser or guideline laser) produces a very bright red or green line visible even in well well lit working environments and is used to align tools in numerous applications requiring the pre-alignment of materials such as bridge saws for cutting marble or granite, wood production equipment (such as log saws), and metalworking (shears and snips).
The bright-line of the laser traces out the boundaries of the work indicating, for example, the exact point where a blade will cut.
On a bridge-saw used to cut stone, for example, an alignment laser would s generally be securely mounted with a special bracket to the bridge so that the line moves in parallel to and the exact same distance as the bridge (generally, along the Y-axis). When well aligned, both the line of cut and the cutting edge of the diamond blade are illuminated.
Precise alignment facilitates precision work, saves costly material, and improves occupational safety.

Common applications: 

  • Stone – bridge saw lasers: slabs alignment saws, cutters, and fabrication centers
  • Lumber and wood production: trunk alignment, trimming, edging, band saws
  • Metalworking: workpiece lathes and turning centers
  • Plastic processing: alignment of sheets and pieces on CNC machines
  • … all other applications where a piece needs to be aligned or processed on a machine.

Cross positioning lasers

We also offer cross-projection lasers. These lasers are generally used on CNC machines and bridge saws to indicate the zero point of a given job.
Cross lasers are usually mounted on the machine’s spindle when setting up the job to project the 2 perpendicular directions (forming the cross) in relation to the workbench. After alignment has been completed, the laser is removed from the spindle and replaced with the blade or tool.

Our bridge-saw lasers produce a clean, powerful line visible under high-light conditions. We offer red and green light lases with a variety of housings.

Choose the model that best your needs or contact us for further information.