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CNC Accessories for Machines and Peripherals

In the stone and glass industry, several popular CNC accessories are commonly used. These accessories help enhance the precision, efficiency, and versatility of the machines.
Here you find:

  • CNC Suction Cups,
    Our CNC Suction Cups, also known as CNC Vacuum Cups or Pods, cater to stone and glass CNC machines. These precision-engineered cups securely elevate and grip workpieces, enabling efficient drilling, cutting, and machining. Ideal for CNC Fabrication centers, these vacuum pods swiftly position and secure slabs, eliminating repetitive setup. The hot-vulcanized rubber friction pads on anodized aluminum ensure durability in demanding industrial settings, providing optimal grip. Designed for various materials, including marble, granite, and glass, our suction cups feature stain-proof rubber for white stone use.
  • CNC Tool Holders,
    If your machine features an automatic tool changer or quick-release spindle, you’re likely acquainted with tapered tool holders. Ensuring perfect balance is crucial for safe CNC operation and achieving flawless results. The choice of a tool holder depends on factors like the spindle unit, CNC machine model, brand, and even the tool fork. To select the right tool holder, start by identifying the needed standard—our range includes various tapered tool holders meeting ISO standards (ISO30, ISO40, ISO50), BT standards (BT30, BT40, BT50), and HSK standards. Trust our selection for precision and excellence in your CNC applications.
  • CNC Tool Forks,
    Discover CNC Tool Forks (Fork Clips) designed for stone, glass, and woodworking machines. Our selection includes CNC Forks in ISO 30, ISO 40/BT 40, ISO 50, and HSK standards. Also known as tool-holder forks, grippers, clips, or holder fingers, these forks cater to various CNC machines like Intermac, Poseidon, Park Industries, and more. At Amastone, explore a diverse range of CNC machine accessories. Choose the right tool holder fork based on your CNC machine model.
  • CNC adapters and extensions
    Explore our CNC Adapters, Accessories, and Tool Extensions – a comprehensive collection of brackets, fitting adapters, extensions, ER collets, and petal collets designed for all CNC machines and diamond tools. In CNC operations, it’s common to encounter mismatched fittings between tools and spindles, along with the need for extensions or reductions. Our specialized accessories cater to stoneworkers, including those in glass, wood, or metal industries, as well as CNC operators. This section provides essential solutions for securely fastening tools to spindles and introduces maintenance accessories for spindles and tool holders. Elevate your CNC experience with our versatile and reliable offerings.
  • Alignment Lasers
    Enhance precision with our Alignment Lasers and Bridge Saw Lasers. These lasers expedite alignment tasks, ensuring accuracy and safety. The Line Laser module facilitates stone slab alignment on the bridge saw worktable, marking the diamond blade’s cutting edge as it moves along the Y-axis. Our Bridge Saw Lasers emit a robust, visible line even in bright conditions, available in red or green beams and various housing sizes. Purchase online from our diverse models, including the best-selling Amastone laser alignment tool and positioning line laser with adjustable focus. Elevate your workflow with these efficient and reliable laser solutions tailored to your needs.
  • CNC Tool Sensors and Measurement Control
    Discover a range of measuring tools including axis movement handwheels, tool height probes, 3D part copy probes, and other electronic accessories designed to enhance precision and functionality in your CNC operations.

On amastone you find also a wide range of CNC Stone Tools

Maximizing your Precision with the right CNC Machine Accessories and Tooling