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BIG BAGS Stone Mud/Sludge Filters

5,90 12,50  Net of VAT
BIG BAGS Mud/Sludge Filters The Big Bag filters keep the mud and release the water. Big Bags for water recycling

SQ Speroni Submersible Wastewater Pumps

513,00 1.599,00  Net of VAT
SQ Speroni Submersible Wastewater Pumps Submersible wastewater pumps SQ Speroni from 2.2 to 7.5 KW ideal for stone fabrication dirty

Rubber sleeve for pneumatic valves

190,00 300,00  Net of VAT
Rubber sleeve for pneumatic valves Rubber sleeve for pneumatic valves, available in 3 sizes: DN80 for Fraccaroli, DN150 for Fraccaroli,

Pneumatic pump Versa-Matic for filter press feeding

1.130,00  Net of VAT
Versamatic pneumatic pump for filter press feeding Specifications: Flow Rate: 0 – 70 gpm (0-265 lpm) Type of pump: Elima-Matic Double diaphragm Thread size:

Flocculant polyelectrolyte for marble/granite – 25 Kg bag

123,50 144,50  Net of VAT
Flocculant polyelectrolyte for marble/granite – 25Kg Bag Chemical flocculant used for sludge settling in the silos (or water tank). The

Filter press plate

Filter press plate
Not available

Filter press cloths and backing cloths

16,10  Net of VAT
Filter press cloths and backing cloths Cloths and backing cloths (or inner cloths) for filterpresses. Cloths’ material is polyamide and

Filter-presses and Sludge Dehydration Systems Parts

In the stone working industry, filter presses and Sludge Dehydration Systems are crucial components used in the processing and treatment of waste generated during various stone-cutting and polishing operations.
These systems are designed to efficiently separate water from the slurry produced in the stone fabrication process, allowing for the recovery and reuse of water and the proper disposal of the remaining solid waste.
Regular maintenance and timely replacement of spare parts for filter presses and sludge dehydration systems are essential to ensure the continued reliability and optimal performance of these machines in the stone working application. These systems contribute not only to environmental sustainability by minimizing water usage but also to the overall efficiency of the stone fabrication process.

In this category, you can find spare parts like plates-filtering clothes, filter press plates, big bags, and more.
For other spare parts to install in your filter press don’t hesitate to contact us: