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Diamond Blades

Bridge saw blades for stone fabrications

A vast selection of high-quality bridge saw blades for cutting stone including granite, marble, ceramic, quartz, and engineered stone.
Our stone fabrication diamond blades are produced by different manufacturers being that we only supply the best product for a specific use. There is no single solution for stone blades; one size does not fit all.

In stone shops, blades are used for a wide variety of applications and for that reason, the diamond segments of the blade are finely tuned for specific materials to optimize cutting performance and tool life. The diamond disks in this section are for wet cutting and are designed for working stone, ceramic, and gres porcelain.

We offer various blades for diverse materials and diameters. Bridge saw blades usually have a minimum diameter of 300 mm (12-inch) and are meant for use in standard bridge saws, banner saws, and cross-cutters.

To purchase your blades online simply select the category of the material to be cut and the diameter. At times, two versions for the same blade may appear: silent and standard.
Always use the blade having the correct diameter your bridge saw RPMs, otherwise, you may encounter problems when cutting. Please read our article BRIDGE SAW BLADES PARAMETERS WHEN CUTTING MARBLE, GRANITE, AND CERAMIC for further details.

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