CNC Stone Tools (304)

Diamond Blades (42)

Angle Grinder Tools (190)

Ceramic, Granite and Marble Drill Bits (12)

Stone carving tools (12)

Texture tooling (63)

Diamond Wires and Belts (7)

Surface treatment (54)

Adhesives and glue (28)

Polishing Machine Tools for Stone, Marble and Granite (27)

Cemetery accessories (3)

Floor Polishing Tools (7)

Tools for Stone Fabricators?

If you are a Stone Fabricator, you manufacture stone products every day to be used in and on buildings.
You design, cut, carve, and install worktops, kitchen tops, bathroom counters, sinks, shower trays, archways, fireplaces, and much more. In your stone shop you work many types of natural stones, from precious marble to hard granite, and today even quartz and new engineered stones.  You’ll need different stone-fabricator tools for materials of different hardness. You find stone tooling you need at Amastone.

Our best-selling products for fabrication and restoration professionals are diamond saw blades, polishing pads, and bush-hammering plates.

Tools for Stone CNC Machinists?

If you are a CNC Stone fabricator you work with computer numeric controlled machinery and are skilled in one of the CAD/CAM software applications on the market (EasyStone, or AlphaCAM, or Type3 etc.). You work with your CNC machines, from setup to operation, and produce parts: worktops, counters and architectural pieces from marble, granite, and quartz slabs or chunks. We specialize in supplying granite tooling, accessories, and assistance for CNC stone working.

Our best-selling products for the CNC stone fabrication:  Finger bits, Profile wheels, CNC Tool Holders, and CNC Suction Cups

 Tools for Memorial or Monumental Masons?

If you are a Memorial and Monumental Mason, we have plenty of stone working tools especially for creating, repairing and installing headstones, and tombstones.

You’ll find both engraving tools to use with a CNC Stone Router and a complete set of hand-tools for engravings, writings, letterings, sculptures, bas-reliefs, and much more.

Our bestselling products for memorial masons are: marble engraving bits and polishing pads

 Tools for Sculptors and Stone Carvers?

If you are a Sculptor you specialize in hand-carving unique sculptures from natural stone and marble.
As a sculptor, you are an artist and not just a craftsman. You use your artistic ability to carve works of art such as fountains, full life-sized figures, architectural reliefs. You work mainly with your hands, hammer tools, and chisels. Sculptors are stone artists!

Our bestselling stone tooling for sculptors and stone carvers are the Stone carving tools (hammers and chisels).