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Diamond Bridge Saw Blades

Bridge saw blades stone fabrications

An extensive selection of high-quality bridge saw blades for the stone cutting including granite, marble, ceramic, quartz and engineered stone.
These stone fabrication diamond blades come from different producers because we want to supply only the best product for that special purpose. When we talk about stone blades it’s not possible to have a single solution, one size doesn’t fit all.

In a stone shop, blades are used in a huge range of applications and because of that diamond segments can be very finely adjusted to certain materials, in this way we can optimize cutting performance and tool life.

You find different blades for different materials and in different diameters. Bridge saw blades have a minimum diameter 300 mm (12-inch) and are made for installation in standard bridge saws, banner bridge saws, and cross-cutters.

To buy your blades online you need to select the category of the material to cut and the diameter. In some cases, you’ll find 2 versions for the same blade: silent and standard type.
Use always the blade with the correct diameter to match the RPM of your bridge saw otherwise you’ll experience problems in cutting.

For special-purpose cutting blades, or for blades bigger than 625 mm (24-inch)  don’t hesitate to contact us: info[@]