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Drainboard metallic mills – 1/2 Gas fitting – Diamut

Drainboard metallic mills – 1/2 Gas fitting – Diamut Pos. Diameter Radius Grit RPM FEED REMOVAL Code Diameter 10 mm
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Electroplated Drip Tray Finger Bits – 1/2 Gas – Diamar

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Electroplated Drip Tray Finger Bits – 1/2 Gas – Diamar Electroplated round tip tools ideal for creating drip grooves on

CNC Drain Boards tools and CNC Flute Cutters for stone and granite.
Tools for fabricating drainboards with CNC machines

Stone Fabricators who produce kitchen tops, bathroom tops, and sinks need to create drainboards in them.
A drainboard is simply a series of grooves of appropriate size and slope on a flat surface.
Drainboard tools include mills and wheels to cut grooves of various thicknesses in marble, granite, and engineered stone.
With mills having rounded tool heads, groove width is a function of tool depth. For example, a 15-mm diameter mill cutting a groove 4 mm deep will produce a groove with a 12.5 mm width. A drainboard mill tool with Generally, 1/2 gas connections allows grooves 10mm e 12 mm thick to be cut whereas a wheel allows 15 mm grooves thick to be cut.

With the wheels, the groove width is smaller than the wheel width because the working depth is normally 3-4 mm less than the radius of the cutting surface.
Each product type comes in a series of 3 or 4 positions ranging from profiling to polishing the grooves.

Nicolai Diamant tools are well-known for their high durability and perfect finishing capacity.

We also offer diverse Diamut series tools for the same function.

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