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CNC suction cups / CNC vacuum pods

CNC Vacuum Pods for stone and glass working machines

CNC Suction Cups  (named also CNC Vacuum Pods) to hold down the workpieces to work. With a vacuum suction cups system, you can have slabs raised from the table allowing working such as drilling or edges machining.

Our product range includes a variety of CNC suction cups with various shapes and sizes providing the right solution for every application in the stone and glass industry.
These CNC Vacuum Pods are made in Italy and selected by the best CNC manufacturers: Intermac, Breton, Denver, Bimatech, Park Industries, Pavoni,  CMS-Brembana, Loeffler, Prussiani, Helios, Omag, Thibaut, D2 Technology, Cobalm, Donatoni, Emmedue, Northwood.

The surface of our CNC Suction cups is designed to give the maximum grip in all conditions and to avoid aquaplaning. They work even if the material to be kept is not perfectly linear, as in the case of the natural stones. In the version with the extruded mousse sealed to the sides, the pad fits perfectly the irregular surface preventing any loss of vacuum.
You can buy online your suction cups for the best price in the market and you can customize them choosing the geometric shape,  the brand of your machine, the heights the single/double effect model, the seals in the pads and other features.

Note: The CNC Suction Cups with a height between 30 mm to 49 mm are considered special cups because particularly low. The production of customized cups may require a few more days.
On request, you can also order cups higher than 240 mm or “specially customized cups”.
In this case, and for further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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