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CNC suction cup foam gasket seal 11×6,5 mm- in rolls

3,60  Net of VAT

Price and quantity are per meter

Vacuum manifold – GNC

231,60 637,10  Net of VAT
Aluminum vacuum manifold Vacuum manifold fitted with ball valves, nickel-plated brass tap and swivel fittings. Composed of 2 lines of

Piab – Vacuum pumps COAX PI48-3 – Max -0.9 bar

320,00 499,00  Net of VAT
Piab – Vacuum pumps COAX PI48-3 available with 2 or 3 cartridges Technology inside: Patented COAX®. It is an advanced

Electric vacuum pumps (CE) – GEV

1.999,00 2.549,00  Net of VAT
GEV – Electric vacuum pumps with CE certification GEV manufactures reliable oil lubricated rotary vanes vacuum pumps. Having low running

Top / bottom spare suction plate – GNC

24,00 211,35  Net of VAT
GNC – Top/bottom spare suction plate unit If you damage your suction-cup friction pads or the attached aluminum plates while

Suction-cup seal – GNC

1,75 41,80  Net of VAT
GNC – Suction cup seal For a double-vacuum suction cup, the seal can be replaced either on the Top surface

CNC Suction Cups, CNC Vacuum Cups (or CNC Vacuum Pods)

Spare parts for all CNC suction cups, vacuum cups (or vacuum pods) available on the website.
All top and bottom plates and seals for the various cup shapes.
Often it is possible to repair a suction cup merely replacing the correct original part (without replacing the entire system).
What CNC brand do you use? If you are unsure whether our suction cups are compatible with your vacuum pods, send us a photo at