Polishing pads

Wet and Dry polishing pads 

Wide range of Diamond Polishing Pads (polishing discs) specially designed for grinding and polishing marble, granite and porcelain edges. These are abrasive polishing pads for angle grinders.

The perfect couple:
To obtain an excellent finishing result, even on hard materials such as agglomerates and sintered surfaces, it is recommended to use the Fastline LM (lamellar) line for grinding together with the I-dia MX diamond (diamond) line for subsequent polishing.
Lamellar disks (Fastline LM Polishing pads) allow quick removal and smoothing of the material. One set includes 3 grains and have standard M14 fitting. The diamond disks (I-dia MX Polishing pads), on the other hand, provide an excellent finish and the set consists of 7 grains ranging from # 60 to # 3000, and have QRS velcro strap.
Both types can be used both dry and wet.

For wet grinding:
The Diahard-XT line is a family of wet resin disks for angle grinders designed for marble, granite, porcelain and synthetic materials. The standard line of Diahard resinoid disks is made up of 6 grits plus the new grit 0 (zero) to be used for strong exports.

For light color materials:
FastLine SD2 is the new line of dry polishing pads to use with angle grinders made with a new binder and can also be used on light color materials without any problem of staining.
Composed of 7 grits, from #50 to #3000, and with Velcro fastening. Many marble-workers use this line even in wet mode with excellent results.

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